Marketers face the challenge of creating a product that will compete in an already saturated market of consumer goods.  Products must differentiate themselves from the competition in order to thrive. One opportunity that is not wasted on marketing experts is the ability to transform a products label into something much more than an information gathering tool.  Appealing labels that entice consumers, drawing them from the nearby competition are changing the market place.  Below are some tips from label industry leaders to use whether you are launching a new product into the market place or planning on reinventing a classic.

If your products label is ineffective and doesn’t appeal to your target market then you have wasted one of the last marketing opportunities your product has.  Point of sale marketing is intended to draw attraction to your product using graphics in a different promotional manner.  Using a interactive, themed or other types of display option along with a well designed graphic label is a smart marketing method for new products and/or product reinvention.

In order to create a label that stands above the competition designers work to allow the colors within the label communicate their message to consumers.  Color communicates faster than both the written and spoken word.  The colors within your label should be consistent with your brand. In food product labeling it is important to use color to match the flavor of items as well.  Blue and green labeling on strawberry flavored beverages just isn’t as effective as using red and green.

Images on product labels work similarly to colors in that consumers are quickly influenced by the images message.  Images and colors work together to create a message within consumers faster than text ever can.  Color and graphic design allow for much more effective visualization.  The difficult part for custom product label designers is to balance this with text.

Text is an important part of labeling as well.  In food product labeling certain regulations mandate the information that must be included.  Choose a combination of fonts that speak for the image you are looking to create.  Fonts can say a lot about a product.  Look to use a combination that speaks to what works for your product.  The choice of fonts used for labeling can send their own vibe from classic to artsy; be sure you chose a combination of fonts that creates a clear message for your product.

Colors and images cannot communicate everything; words are essential. Make sure you select a typeface that contributes aesthetically to your brand.  Don’t overwhelm the audience by using too many fonts or a font that is difficult to read or in a type point that is too small for the average consumer.  Nothing turns a purchaser off of your product faster than confusion which is exactly what too many fonts in hard to read sizes does.

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