Many people with pets have asked over the years how do you get rid of fleas if the house is infested. My answer is to always start with a professional carpet cleaning service. They will provide you with a fresh clean base to work with. The hot water and cleaner from their machines will destroy many of those pesky fleas and larvae. It will provide the base needed to eliminate fleas forever. Start with carpet cleaning and follow one or all of these tips to have a flea free home.

After your carpets have been thoroughly cleaned the next thing you need to do is manage the pet’s flea problem. This should be done in several steps. The most effective manner to get rid of fleas is of course prevention. Have your pet on an anti-flea and tick medicine prescribed by your vet. However if a pet finds their way to you already infested with fleas before you can get them to the vet bathe them in a flea shampoo. After you bathe them take a flea comb through their fur thoroughly. This should remove many of the dead fleas and should get the ones that managed to live through the bath. Make sure you properly dispose of any live fleas. One flea can easily reproduce a trillion off spring. One way to kill the fleas is in a bath of water and dish soap. Keep cleaning your carpets daily by vacuuming them until you are able to see the vet for the proper prescription for your animal.

If you still find yourself with a flea issue there are several other methods other than cleaning your carpets. You may try using an aerosol such as Ultracide Floor Spray which contains both an egg inhibitor and exterminates the fleas. Foggers also work well but are often unable to get underneath furniture where the little critters like to hide. A combination of foggers and aerosols would most likely work the best. I mention powders but am not as thrilled with them. My research in how clean and flea free they leave your carpet leaves me to question how well they work. Powders leave a chemical that children and pets could be breathing in as they lay around. The layer of dust that they leave is often unbearable. It is also beneficial to use a product such as an aerosol or fogger that contains an insect growth regulator. These leave the fleas unable to reproduce which is really the battle that needs to be won.

As mentioned earlier carpet cleaning alone will not be effective. In order to control and get rid of fleas a combination of methods is best. Start with cleaning your carpet and continue the flea free life by regular maintenance. Prevention will save you a lot of headaches in the long run. Once you discover you have a flea problem it is usually too late to take the easy road out. Good luck and good ridden to your fleas!