It is so important to get your carpets cleaned at least once a year. Most carpet professionals will recommend a deep clean twice a year for the longevity of the carpet. Every six months schedule a professional to come out and evaluate the condition of your carpet. A carpet cleaners will be able to tell you whether or not a deep clean is necessary. If you want to ensure the life of your carpet it is best not to spare this expense. It will prove to add to the lifetime of your carpet.

There are many things we can do to increase the longevity of the carpet ourselves along with hiring a professional carpet cleaners twice a year. I would recommend that anyone with small children only purchase carpet that is stain protected. Stain protection offers resilience to spills by allowing liquid spills to puddle on the surface allowing time to clean up the spill before sinking into the carpet and padding. Inevitably some form of liquid will find its way into our children’s hands and onto the carpet.

If a spill does happen and the stain protection has done all that it could it is important to use a product especially designed for carpet to help with the removal of the stain. It is also important that you vacuum up any left over liquid with a shop vacuum to prevent the stain from rising to the surface through the padding once the original mess has been cleaned. When removing the stain try to blot the stain picking up any color and moisture you can. We often want to rub the stain but this is NOT an effective way to remove the stain permanently.

Another quick and easy technique to minimize dirt on your carpet is to use throw rugs. Rugs are designed for high traffic areas and allow for ease of washing that carpet doesn’t. Throw rugs used in high traffic areas will collect the large amount of dirt from traffic allowing us the carpet underneath to stay untouched.

If you have opted to have that look and feel of warm carpet in your home it is important to maintain the look and feel with regular cleaning of your carpet. Carpet cleaners will increase the longevity of your carpet. Clean fresh looking carpet will increase the initial feel of your home. If you walk into an environment with dirty carpet it changes how you feel about that environment entirely. Don’t allow your home to get bad vibes by letting your carpet get dingy and dirty. Have regular cleanings by a professional carpet cleaner to maximize the beauty and character of your carpet.

Professionals will recommend vacuuming your carpet at least every third day so that you keep dirt and dander from settling in. If dirt settles into your padding it will cause issues with the carpet for its lifetime so it is better to avoid that with regular vacuuming.