Spring time in the north is one of the greatest times.  The landscapes are turning from brown to green, color is coming back to the skies, softball starts and home buyers eagerly start to look for a home to purchase.   There is no doubt about it; spring is the most popular real estate season.  No matter if you are looking to purchase or sell a home now is the perfect time to forge full speed ahead.  Below are some tips to assist buyers as they look to gain insight into the spring real estate market.

First things first:  Talk with a Mortgage Broker

Before you even begin to look at homes are meet with a real estate agent talk with a mortgage broker.  You must be able to secure a home loan to buy a home.  Sellers are looking for buyers who are preapproved.   Sellers do not want to waste time accepting offers from buyers who will not be able to secure a mortgage.  A pre-approval is valuable because it shows that the buyer will be able to obtain a home loan as well as a point of reference on how much the buyer can afford.  A pre-approval means that you are a serious buyer.  If a seller needs to choose who to enter into a contract with they will always go with the buyer that has already secured financial backing in the form of a pre-approval.

Secondly: Choose a Real Estate Agent

Finding a real estate agent is the next step in looking to purchase a home in the spring.   Get referrals from family, friends and individuals who have recently purchased a home.  After you get several names and numbers start by calling their office to schedule an appointment to meet to discuss what you are looking for, how much you have to spend and the needs verse the wants in the home you are looking to purchase.

It is critical when interviewing real estate agents you find someone that is not only experienced in local real estate but also one that is available to communicate with you in a productive manner.  Buying a home is the biggest financial decision in your life; you will want a partner to help you find a home that is in it for you and not just for the commission.

Check out the Neighborhood

Take time to look into neighborhoods that your real estate agent thinks best fit what you are looking for.  Drive by the area, check out the schools and such before ever stepping foot into a home.  Find several locations that you are interested in to help narrow down the search.  The last thing you want to do is spend day after day walking through home after home especially in areas that are of little appeal to you.  If you don’t love the neighborhood falling in love with the house does very little in getting you to the finish line and purchasing a home.

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