If you are looking into moving into a new home or increasing the security to your existing home or looking to enhance the curb appeal of the house an automatic driveway gate and entry control system are a cost effective, long term solution.  In residential homes there are two main types of gates that are installed: a single gate that slides or a dual gate that swings open.

When you are trying to decide between the two types of gates and which one to choose there are various reasons to choose each type of gate.  The most prominent reason being the dimensions of the driveway the gate is to be installed in.

In order to install an automatic swing gate you must determine if there will be enough room for both sides of the gate to swing open into the driveway.  Not only must the space be large enough to open the gate there must be enough room for parking.  This is why automatic entry gates that swing open should be installed only on driveways that are on a deeper sized driveway plot.  An automatic sliding driveway gate takes away the need for a large, clearing and instead requires length to retract within it.  This makes sliding gates ideal for driveways that are wide function properly whereas

The mechanisms that are used to open the gates are called gate operators.  There are a variety of mechanisms and motors that are used.  Swing gates need two gate operators to open and close the gate where as a sliding gate uses only one.  The exact motor you choose will depend on several things including the size of the gate, the speed in which it will open and the surface on which the gate and gate operators are installed.

One misconception with automatic gate installation is that they cannot be installed on gravel driveways.  This is a myth.  With the advancements in technology it is possible to achieve a seamless sliding effect even on a gravel surface.  This result is achieved with a bit more difficulty but can be done alongside cantilever gate automation motors.

A surveyor from the local electronic driveway supplier will survey the area in which the gate is to be installed.  The surveyor will take into account the various dimensions of the driveway while checking for the need for modifications.

Once a solid idea of what gate style and design is required they will create several different gates designed with your exact driveway specifications in mind.  This will help homeowners when selecting a gate style, an appropriate motor and the accessories that will be needed to provide the best installation of your new automatic entry gate.  A control system of your choice will be installed alongside of your gate to provide an ease of automatic entry.

The gate motor will open the gate.  This will be installed along with the correct number of sensors that are required to open the gate properly.  There are a variety of automatic control systems such as a remote controls, key pads, cellular transmitters and manually operated controls.  This helps to add to the convenience experienced with the installation of an entry gate system.

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