When it comes to reconditioned breakers there is lots of information available; some in favor of using them and some that gives reconditioned breakers the thumbs down.  The truth about reconditioned breakers is that they are safe and reliable when you know how and when they are to be used.

When it comes to manufacturing facilities most use circuit breakers that have been reconditioned and retrofitted with complete conviction of their quality.  Reconditioning electrical components, including breakers is a way to help keep down unwanted equipment failures and to increase workforce safety.  When replacing parts that are outdated with new electrical equipment from reconditioned parts you are also ensuring the latest upgrades in technology.  Older model breakers do not have all the same features that are added when reconditioning is done.  Thus reconditioned circuit breakers often offer a higher degree of technology that the original breaker did not have.

When looking into purchasing reconditioned parts it is important that you find an electrical equipment company that offers top notch products and knowledgeable customer service staff.  Often times manufacturers offer reconditioned parts directly from them.  This is not always the least expensive way to go not to mention is usually not the highest degree of customer service.  You don’t have to buy directly from the manufacturer to assure high quality in reconditioned electrical components.

What you do have to do is look online, call companies that offer for sale the products you need and develop a standing relationship with them. Equipment failure is not an option and in time of crisis you want one on one customer service and a guarantee that your reconditioned components will be in stock when you need them.

Work with a company that has a history of working with a variety of different top brand name electrical manufactures.  This increases the chance that they will have parts when you need them no matter who manufactures the equipment you use in your facility.  It is also important when looking into a company that offers reconditioned electrical parts such as circuit breakers that they guarantee their products have been tested ad gone through a top quality control process, testing program using ANSI/IEEE standards and that their technicians are all trained and certified under these programs.  Saving money on reconditioned parts is only cost effective when you are confident that your supplier has done everything necessary to supply you with quality, working parts.

Reconditioning is often a misunderstood term.  The IEEE explains reconditioning to be a process of maintaining power switchgear equipment up to operating standards recommended manufacturer’s, using only originally designed parts.  This includes advances to the product that have been made since the original purchase of the breaker.  Reconditioning basically takes an outdated breaker and brings it up to date using additional technology that has come along since the products original production.

Hopefully this post brings clarity to your understanding of reconditioned electrical breakers.  Realize the part is not nearly being recycled when reconditioned but upgraded and updated to the latest advances in the products technology.

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