Adding an in ground pool for most families is an exciting adventure however with this addition brings on the fact that you are now in the market for an aluminum pool fence as well. Aluminum fencing is lightweight and practically maintenance free. This is important as the pool that is being installed is anything but maintenance free. Aluminum pool fence is highly resistant to corrosion as well as bringing attractive warranties and benefits beyond the ease of maintenance. Aluminum pool fencing comes in many styles, colors, designs and sizes.

Most aluminum pool fencing companies offer lifetime warranties. They can offer warranties of this magnitude because aluminum pool fences are known for their durability and crack, chip and peel resistant finishes. The aluminum fence is made out of metal that has the color baked into the enamel or is powder coated.

Purchasing aluminum fencing online has never been easier than it is now days. Many companies will have information on local installation companies that will install your fence as well or even offer installation services. Make sure that they are used to installing aluminum fencing and ask questions such as if they will be using concrete footings to set the fence posts. They should be installing the fence per the manufacturer’s recommendations. That is always a good way to weed potential installation companies out if you are on your own to find someone to install the aluminum pool fence.

Purchasing aluminum pool fencing online allows you as the consumer to get the closest price to what you would pay ordering directly from the fencing manufacturer. Most aluminum pool fence manufactures do not allow for direct residential purchase. The last thing you want to do is over pay for the pool fence so be sure when ordering that your quotes all include all of the necessary pieces needed for a complete fence. Some online suppliers that have super low quotes are not including the recommended line, end or corner posts. Be sure the quote is all inclusive and the price you are getting includes all of the materials you as a homeowner would need to install the fence on your own if so desired.

Pool safety regulations vary from state to state but one recommendation to keep your pool a safe and fun place to gather is to install a gate with an automatic locking system. This will allow the pool area to be entered only if an adult is there that knows how to access the gates lock. Often time’s homeowners will use an electronic entry access system if installing a new fence. This is an extra safety precaution for inground pools. An automatic locking system alleviates issues involved in walking away and forgetting to put the lock into place. Many accidental drowning occur because of children entering the pool area without an adult. Think about the times when someone runs into grab a drink and leaves the kids in the backyard to play. Those are times when normal locks get forgotten. When the safety of children is in question it is far better to be safe than sorry.