Adding to the curb appeal of your home is not a seasonal effort. Yes, it is more convenient to be outside installing a new fence when it is warm out but fall has many benefits as well. For one the weather is not so hot you can hardly breathe let alone move about easily. When it comes to landscape improvements a fence is a perfect fall addition. Installing a fence is the perfect start to sprucing up the exterior of your home.

1) Create Separation: Fencing allows you a separation between your property and that of your neighbors. Privacy is something that is minimal when you live in a neighborhood setting. Privacy fencing is not the only way in which to get separation. A wholesale aluminum fence of any height can be used to create separation and allow for a degree of privacy within the perimeter of your home and landscape. Fencing provides whatever degree of privacy and separation you desire depending on the material and style fence you choose.

2) Additional Security: Home security is important for all homeowners. A fence adds an extra layer of security to your home, landscape and family. New outdoor patio furniture is hidden from the eyes of thieves. Security also comes in that fencing prevents stray animal into the yard, family pets from escaping out of the yard and young children from accidentally chasing a runaway ball into a busy street. Wholesale aluminum fencing purchased alongside a locking aluminum gate makes dangers inside and outside of your yard decrease for young children. Locking aluminum gates prevent accidents that involve in-ground swimming pools and hot tubs.

3) Saving Money: This may not seem like the truth because wholesale aluminum fencing is quite pricey but purchasing and installing aluminum fencing decreases the rate homeowners pay in premiums for insurance on their homes. With the installation of a wholesale aluminum fence homeowners are at a decreased risk for theft and vandalism. The amount of the discount will carry between carriers however you should see an annual savings in the double digits.

4) Increased Home Value: Low maintenance wholesale aluminum fence will increase the value of your home. Any home improvement that offers a high return on investment is a universally appealing option to both homeowners and future buyers. Aluminum fencing is one such improvement. In today’s tough economic climate and real estate market any extra selling point that increases the value of your home to potential buyers is advantageous.

Wholesale aluminum fencing is a wise investment for homeowners. High quality aluminum fence panels can last anywhere from twenty to fifty years and sometimes more. Consider talking with your neighbors; they could desire a fence to separate the yards as well and may be willing to split the cost with you being that the fence is on an adjoining property line.

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