When choosing a fence for your yard there are many materials that homeowner’s can choose from two popular options in fencing: vinyl and aluminum.  As you learn more about the two materials, the pros and cons of both, you will be able to determine what the best material is to meet your needs.  Determine what you want and what you need out of a fence.  Have a list of priorities to you, scroll through the pros and cons below and at the end of this article you should know what material best suits the perimeter of your property or pool area.

Strength: Aluminum fencing is superior in strength to that of vinyl.  There are a variety of grades to choose from when purchasing wholesale aluminum fencing from residential grade and pool grade up to commercial and industrial grade.  Depending on what the fence is going to be used for will decide for you what grade of aluminum fencing to purchase.

Price:  When it comes to picking out fencing based on the price there isn’t a clear winner.  Not only must homeowners consider the cost of the fence and the installation, they must also factor in the expense to maintain the fence.   The difference overall between aluminum and vinyl is minimal and therefore is not really a major factor to consider overall.

Maintenance: Both materials, aluminum and vinyl, are pretty low key to maintain.  Both fencing materials do not require yearly treatment, staining or painting.  A yearly spray down with the garden hose to wash off any dirt build up is all you will need to keep both types of fencing looking as good as new.

Installation: Both vinyl and aluminum fence panels are simple to install.  Aluminum wins when it comes to a yard with a slope or grade to it.  Aluminum fencing offers an ease of rack ability that does not easily happen with vinyl.  Both are easily installed in a weekend and fit together like a puzzle.

Beauty: The look of vinyl is completely different than that of aluminum.  The styles they offer are on two ends of the spectrum.  Depending on the exterior look and feel of your home and landscape will determine where you stand on choosing between vinyl and wholesale aluminum fencing.  Both come in a variety of styles and colors to choose from ranging from modern to classic to everything in between.

Seclusion:  When it comes to privacy fencing aluminum vinyl may be a better material to suit your needs.  If you have a spying neighbor or a need to hide the neighbor’s unattractive landscape you will want a solid fence which you will find in vinyl.  Aluminum has an eye catching appeal but if you are looking for backyard seclusion vinyl is a better choice.

Now it is time for you to be the judge.  What material best suits what you are looking for out a fence.  Both offer strong, resilient, stylish, affordable options in fencing that suit the many needs homeowners have when looking for pool or perimeter fencing.

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