One of the best purchases a home owner can make to add to the aesthetics and value of their property is the installation of a fence.  Fences are installed for any number of reasons.  Pet containment, pool safety and landscape detailing are three of the most popular reasons that homeowners give when looking to add a fence to their homes.  Installing your own fence can be as easy as 1-2-3 if you take into consideration the tips listed within this article.

  • When installing a fence it is important to follow your H.O.A, local, state and federal regulations. For homeowners within a subdivision most H.O.A.’s require unity throughout the neighborhood.  Before you order fencing online check into all of the regulations that are guiding your purchase.  For homeowners looking to their swimming pool it is crucial that the fence that is installed meets B.O.C.A. regulations.  The codes will dictate the height, picket widths, gate style and more that can be used.  It is crucial to follow the rules and regulations in place to ensure that your pool area is safe and that your fencing will pass inspection.
  • Another important feature to take note of when installing a fence is the landscapes elevation. With many fencing materials changes in the slope of the yard are difficult to navigate.  This is not the case with aluminum fencing.  If the perimeter of the yard or pool area has multiple areas of elevation change, aluminum fencing is the best option for you.  Aluminum fences offer two options for transitioning aluminum fence panels: stepping and racking.  Stepping involves attaching the fence panels to different height posts.  The fence remains level.  In racking the fence is designed to follow the slope of the yard.  Transitional height fence panels are ordered to create a fence that does not gap at the bottom and that naturally follows the land.
  • Spacing is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the fence. Aluminum fence panels come in a variety of heights and widths.  However, the standard width recommended in maintaining the strength of the fence is six feet wide.  Any longer than this and the fence supports are more susceptible to weather related issues.
  • When setting fence posts many homeowners use the method in which dry cement is poured into a hole and water from the garden hose is added. This method is the easiest way but not the recommended way to increase the longevity of your fence.  Take the time to mix the concrete before adding it in around the fence post.  This allows it to dry and become one unit which adds to the stability of the fence posts.

Installing an aluminum fence does not take a professional.  Any do it yourself homeowner with the ability to read and follow directions that has a free weekend can handle the job.

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