Commercial roofing is not necessarily the most talked about aspect of roofing. When roofing discussions take place here in the North we discuss shingle roofing and the difference between shingles and the warranties companies offer. Shingle and metal roofing are really all there is to discuss when you are a shingle contractor in the North where the weather is ever changing and your roofing material needs to stand the test of time through all of it.


Commercial roofing however has a few more options than residential roofing. Below we look at different options available for commercial properties including; metal, tile, fiberglass shingles and flat roofing. Local roofing contractors will assist you in choosing an option that is a best fit for your property as well as what you desire for the unit.


When it comes to commercial roofing one of the most important factors is longevity and durability. The roofs appearance can completely change the building appearance so it should also enhance the curb appeal of the property as well as be easy to maintain as well as being considered environmentally friendly roofing.


In commercial roofing metal roofs are popular options as they are known for their durability. Metal roofs provide a great deal of protection from the vast climate changes seen here. You can also customize the color. The initial expense of metal roofing is more than that of shingle roofing. The justification that commercial building owners can take to heart is that the roofing lasts over two times as long as other types of roofing. This means fewer headaches in replacing the roof again down the road.


Tile roofs are also available however not as popular as metal. Clay, slate and concrete are all fire resistant roofing materials as well as being weather resistant and environmentally friendly. Tile is also considered a great material for saving energy.

Flat roofing created out of tar and gravel is also a popular option. Flat roofing requires additional maintenance and up keep but being flat inspections and repairs can be done more easily. With a flat roof it is important to consider draining options. Flat roofing is a great option to provide extra usable outdoor space to any commercial business.


Finally fiberglass shingle roofing is a popular option when it comes to the roofing of commercial buildings. The benefits are varied from the fact that it is inexpensive, lightweight, fire-resistant and easy to install. It is attractive and seen a top many commercial buildings throughout the North. Shingles are a wonderful option as they conform to the structure of almost all buildings without making any modifications to the building. The downside is that you will have to replace them more frequently that other materials used in commercial roofing.


When property and business owners are looking into commercial roofing options they are not limited. There are plenty of options to choose from. Find one that fits the exterior of your building, your budget and longevity wishes. Local roofing contractors can help you make a decision based on your wants and the needs of your property.