Are you looking for ways to spruce up your home without spending a ton of money and ending up in the poorhouse? Homeowners are often looking for quick and easy home improvement projects to make their home more desirable to sell or for their own personal enjoyment.  Whatever your reason it is important to know that the cost of the project verse the payback can differ based on a few things such as the homes overall condition, the market in which the home is located and outside factors such as the season in which you are selling.

One improvement that is sure to pay you back is in the kitchen.  This is not to say you need to go through an extensive, expensive kitchen renovation however making sure the look of the kitchen is clean and updated is important.  A few tips to updating the look of your kitchen on a budget include updating the faucets, cabinet hardware, and lighting.  These are all reasonably priced items that can add to the overall look of the kitchen.  Another option, if the kitchen cabinets are old and new cabinets are out of the question is cabinet resurfacing.  This is a cheaper alternative which uses the solid base cabinets in place by updating the surface making the kitchen area look brand new.

In the kitchen it is also important to have appliances that match.  If this is an issue in your home and you are looking for an inexpensive way to make them all match consider two options.  The first is to call the manufacturer and see about ordering a new front panel to match other existing appliance.  This is a lot less expensive than all new appliances.  The second option is to check into companies that sell scratch and dent appliances for next to nothing.  If the dent is on the side or back of the appliance and this portion will not be seen who cares.  Scratch and dent appliances are at least half off the retail price.

The next room in the house that really adds to the value of the house is the bathroom.  In order to spruce this area up in a budget there are several things you can update on a shoestring budget.  Bathroom flooring, a new toilet seat and a pedestal sink are all simple renovations that can be done by most homeowners that make a bathroom spiffy.  Thoroughly clean all grout to renew the sparkle and replace any tiles that are chipping in the tub area.  A strong tub cleaner should be used to bring out the bright white in your tub as well.  A clean bathroom is a huge selling point for a home.  Dingy tiles and dirty flooring will turn buyers away as the space will look unkempt which gives the perception if a homeowner that does not care about the upkeep of the home.

Your home is your sanctuary. When people are looking for a new home to purchase they are looking for an appealing space.  As a seller it is your job to present a clean, neutral space in which buyers can envision themselves.  Giving buyers a kitchen and bathroom space that are up to date and clean will have them overlooking the more minor stuff such as the small laundry room.