Nothing is manlier than owning a pocket knife.  When you think of the essentials in a man’s life and the items they carry with them on a day to day bases you think pocket knife, wallet and car keys.  That’s it; that is truly how simple it is when you are a man.

The pocket knife has been a staple since first world soldiers and explorers went on exploration and conquests.  It was made in such a way that it could be carried easily, which is why pocket knives continue to be popular today.  Colonial Americans flourished the pocket knives popularity and everyone from farm hands to businessmen was carrying this convenient tool to aid in a variety of tasks.  Soldiers continued to carry pocket knives as an essential tool throughout the several wars in America’s history.

The pocket knife has been a staple in the pockets of American men for generations.  One issue that we face today is the extinction of the casualness in which we can carry a pocket knife.  With recent restrictions on airline flights and entering governmental buildings both state & federal, the pocket knife risks a downturn in popularity.

It is important to remember even while being limited in certain situations men must continue to carry pocket knives.  The reasons are plentiful.  There are so many times a day in everyday life where using a pocket knife has become common practice.  When you are opening a package that has come in the mail it is always taped beyond what we are humanly able to open with our bare hands.  A pocket knife is necessary for this situation.

The list is long but a pocket knife is crucial in a multitude of simple tasks we accomplish every day.  From opening letters to cutting fishing line a small knife that is conveniently located in your pocket is indispensible.

The hard part comes at choosing the style that will live in your pocket.  The three most popular options include; the jack knife, the pen knife and the multi-purpose knife.  Each different style of pocket knife has advantages and certain features that me more desirable to you than others.

For instance a jack knife is an incredibly simple knife.  It is hinged at one end and may have more than one blade.  Jack knives are a popular option for the outdoorsman for hunters, fishers and hikers.

A pen knife is hinged at two ends and has two or three blades at each end.  The original purpose of a pen knife, as its name conveys, was to sharpen and cut quills for writing. A pen knife should be considered if you are interested in using more than one type of blade.  The pen knife is lightweight and is easily disguised even when dressed up.

Finally the multi-purpose pocket knife which as it name implies is used for a multitude of purposes.  Often a multi-purpose knife is referred to as a Swiss Army knife.  This knife is not for the user only in search of one small blade.  Usually a multi-purpose knife has several tools that enclose into the pocket sized knife such as scissors, tweezers, screwdrivers and even utensils.

Finding the perfect pocket knife is an individual conquest.  Often, a pocket knife is handed down from generation to generation.  However if you are in search of a new pocket knife to use, several online retailers offer a substantial selection at affordable prices making it convenient to have a pocket knife delivered right to your door.