Michigan is notorious for its cold winters. In fact, we’ve recently moved into autumn and we’re holding steady at about 45 degrees daily, and creeping toward freezing temperatures on a nightly basis. Needless to say, most Michigan residents have their heat on at night, and many of us are keeping it on all day long — even now. And, it’s only going to get colder as Halloween gives way to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the new year. What many homeowners do not know, however, is that there is a way for them to save money on their home’s heating costs, starting right now.

Saniglow cleaning services of Brighton offers a service called thermography, or home thermal imaging, which allows you to see your home in a new light, quite literally. Using specialized cameras, Saniglow can show you where heat is leaking from your home and where cold air is coming in, which, using this information you can put a stop to cold air leaks and heat loss, which in turn will help you to heat your home more efficiently and ultimately can save you money on your home heating costs.

Saniglow’s infrared thermal imaging service is non-intrusive; the images are taken from outside your home, and the practice is safe — it will not harm or otherwise affect any person, animal, or object within your home. If you live anywhere in Livingston County or the surrounding areas — Brighton, Howell, Fowlerville, Hamburg, or Pinckney, look over their thermal imaging services, and contact them to receive a hassle-free quote for your home. While Michigan’s cold winters guarantee that you’ll have to heat your home, if you can stop or minimize hot air leaks, and keep the cold air from coming into your home, you’ll know how to minimize heat loss and cold air intrusion so that you can save some money on your home heating costs.

Visit Saniglow’s thermography services page.