Emergency Flood Cleanup in Brighton, Howell, and all of Livingston County During the spring and summer, Michigan homes and businesses are prone to flooding. With melting snow, flash floods, and sometimes a torrential downpour while the winter snow is melting, rivers run over, water builds up in our yards and on our streets, and that can lead to some serious flooding, and potentially damage, to our homes and businesses. When the floods come, and they inevitably will, you need a way to minimize the damage, and quickly. Fortunately, there are service providers available in the Livingston County area that can help to remove the water from your home, and minimize the damages caused by sudden flooding.

Saniglow, a Brighton-based residential and commercial cleaning company, has a proven track record of water extraction and flood repair services to the Livingston County area. They not only help you remove the standing water, but they use a rapid drying system (controlled heat plus airflow) to remove the water from your floors, walls, and carpeting, they dehumidify your home, treat mildew, and disinfect and deodorize the area. Saniglow is a full-service Livingston County flood clean up service provider who will do what it takes to minimize the damages caused by flooding.

Michigan is prone to flooding; there isn’t much you can do about that. However, if you are in a low-lying area that has a history of flooding, and especially if the flooding affects a finished or furnished area of your home, you should be prepared. Head over to Saniglow’s website, check out their water extraction services, and keep their number handy. Floods oftentimes happen unexpectedly, but when they do happen — expediency of action is of the utmost importance. While floods can and will cause damage to your home or business, with the right water extraction and flood cleanup team helping you out, you are doing your part to ensure that those damages are kept to a minimum.