Electrical gate operators are essential in operating any type of mechanical gate.  Gate operators are necessary when adding a gate and fence system to your home.  To get the true benefits of a gate you must research the different systems available to fit within your needs and landscape.  Gates are becoming a popular feature within the landscapes of homes.  Not only are they aesthetically beautiful they also add security to the home and reduce the speed at which cars enter your home space.

Gate operators are a mechanical device that is used to simplify life.  With the touch of a button or a key code added the gate opens. This saves your time and energy allowing you controlled access in to and out of your home. Ornate gates are often heavy and awkward to close by hand.  Gate operators alleviate that problem all together.

There are two primary operating systems you can purchase for use with your gate; mechanical and hydraulic.  Mechanical gate operators run off of power that is sent from the homes chief supply of electricity.  Electricity is sent using underground cabling to the operator and the gate is told to open or close.  Mechanical operating systems can be used on either swing gates or sliding gates.  They are also able to be programmed to use a remote device or control device of your liking.  With the eco friendly society we live in you will rest assured that your electrical bills will not sky rocket either.  Solar panels added to the control center will help to offset the need for an abundance of electricity.  Battery backups are also used to ensure your gate will open or close whenever you need it to.

Hydraulic operators have less moving parts in comparison to their mechanical counterpart.  They also run off of hydraulic fluids that help create the movement within the system instead of using electricity.  When installing a gate that is heavier than normal and that will require a large amount of power to be generated when opening and closing it you will want to look into a hydraulic system to use for your gates operating system.  Hydraulic gate operators are more capable of handling the excess load.

The type of gate you choose to purchase and install will help to determine the gate operator you are in need of.  It is wise to note however that some gate systems require the use of both mechanical and hydraulic operators.  A swing gate is a gate that opens towards or away from you.  With a swing gate you will notice that the extended arm on the gate is run on electricity where as the ram arm on the gate is hydraulic.

The access control system you choose for you gate is strictly based on convenience.  Now that you don’t have to get out of car to open and close the gate anything will seem convenient but there are plenty of options to choose from.  You can choose to use a remote control, a card reader, key pad entry or even entry controlled via phone.  The gate and fence system you choose for your home and driveway should accentuate the vibe of your home.