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The Perfect Personalized Gift For Any Occasion

Giving gifts has become a year round event.  No longer are gifts only present within the Christmas holiday season but now people are giving more often.  People are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, babies, weddings and many smaller holidays such as Easter, Valentine’s Day and Independence Day.  With all of these gifts how can one giver offer personalized gifts that show thought and relevance while staying within a budget that is reasonable?


One element that makes gift giving easier and less of the challenge that is involved in going out to the stores is the blessing of the Internet.  Gift giving and personalization is so much easier when you can search online and everything you are looking for is a click away.  Givers are able to find unique personalized items that are often not found in stores locally or are only found at specialty boutiques.  Everyone knows shopping boutiques takes time and often easily takes us over budget.


If you find yourself in search of a gift for a friend, loved one or even an acquaintance it is easier than ever to find something personalized.  A personalized gift that is made for someone is something you can be proud to give and the receiver will be so thankful to receive.  A personalized gift shows the receiver that you have out some thought into why they are special and why the gifts is just perfect for them.  Personalized kids toys are amongst my favorite to give because children light up when something is especially made for them.  It is amazing what that little bit of personalization says for you as a gift giver.


I know what you are thinking however it is not true, personalized gifts and toys are no more expensive than any other gift you might choose.  Many presents can be engraved, embroidered or painted with a name, initials or something else unique to the receiver.  An economical approach to personalized children’s toys for an event such as Independence Day is sand toys in red, white and blue with their name on them.  This makes it easy to keep track of all of the sand toys the child brought with them to the beach (nice for mom) and also shows you put thought into the reason for the gift. A gift like this can be kept easily under ten dollars and is something that any young child would love to have.


If you are looking at a personalized present make sure to consider each recipient separately.  For instance I love crabs so I would enjoy a personalized gift with crabs.  In fact my husband took a plain beach towel with a crab design and embroidered a phrase that is personal to us regarding the beach on it.  I appreciated that gift more than anything.  It showed he had been paying attention.  However, this present would not be appreciated to someone who never spends time at the beach and that thinks crabs are nasty. It pays to know your recipients hobbies, past times, likes and dislikes.  This will make it simpler to find a perfect personalized gift.


Finding a personalized gift for someone not only makes their day but yours also.  It is so nice to give a gift that you are proud of that someone will appreciate.  The one thing I hate more than anything is on Christmas to receive a candle or something silly for the house.  Put a bit of effort into buying presents year round for your friends and family.  I guarantee they will notice the difference.

Personalized Children’s Toys Alternatives To Generalized Gifts

What do you purchase for a child in your life when they already have everything?  You might be thinking about all the gifts the child in your life would enjoy.  What about a personalized children’s gift.  Personalizing a present for a child in your life is one way to show them how important they are to you.  Making something theirs, and only theirs, by personalizing it with their name it allows them to stake claim to the item.  Who doesn’t love something they can say is all theirs?

Sometimes personalized children’s toys can also have the child’s birth date on it.  This is a special way to personalize a present that is being given as birthday present.  It is a keepsake.  A personalized present to a child will have more of an impact than a generalized present any day.

My favorite personalized children’s toy is not really a toy at all.  For every baby shower we attend the baby is given a toy box with their name inscribed on it.  I was given one for each of my children and it is a keepsake they will have forever.  I keep all of the items that mean the most stored in the box for them.  Now that they are growing up that silky blanket they wouldn’t let go of until they were a bit older needs a place to live.  As do the yearbooks, first soccer shirts, ballet slippers and ever sentimental thing mom’s and dad’s tend to keep forever.

Options in personalized children’s toys and furniture are endless.  Some common gifts include pillow cases, plates, silverware, play kitchens, black belt holders, stools and cozy comfy chairs & bean bags.  Personalized gifts are best for children ages two to about eight.  From there a bit of the appeal may be lost.

Children in this age group find something ultra appealing about to be able to tell and show the world that something it is there’s.  So children that find their name engraved or painted upon something it is just that much more theirs.  This was so true when it came to the personalized pillows that my husband and I had made for our kids.  In fact my thirteen year old still sleeps with hers!  Those pillow cases go on every sleepover they have.  It was such a terrific gift.  My son’s nickname is Bear and he loves soccer so his is all about that.  Our daughter is a softball player.  We knew it from the first tee ball game.  Her pillow case is personalized with softballs and her name.

Another great present is a blanket that is made and embroidered with the baby’s name, date of birth, time and weight.  This gift is one that will grow with them and most likely become a personalized favorite.  A personalized gift basket filled with things all about the child is also a great way to personalize a gift.  Say you have a soccer fanatic like mine.  A gift basket filled with everything soccer from stickers to coloring books make a terrific personalized child’s gift.

Finding The Perfect Personalized Children’s Gift

I run into this dilemma every birthday and holiday season for our good friends; what do I buy their kids when they have everything?  They aren’t necessarily spoiled the problem is that there are four of them ranging in age from ten to two, boys and girls.  Literally every Barbie and Thomas the train item has been bought, train tables and doll house too.  I am at a loss every year. I hate having to ask their mom and dad what the “it” thing is to have for the year I find myself struggling for ideas.

I would love to give each of them something they would remember forever.  Not something they will play with, toss aside and forget who it was from.   That is my mission for this coming year.  The mission will begin in May with a little guy turning eleven and end at Christmas.  This year I am going to work at getting it right, a unique, personalized gift for each of them.

My focus needs to begin with Ben.  Eleven is a tricky age but lots of fun.  His new adventures have been in playing hockey.  I think perhaps a gift is not the best option.  No matter what personalized kid toy I would purchase he is likely to look at it, toss it aside and never think about it again.  So an experience it is.  With his new found skill in hockey his balance has become amazing so I am thinking it might be fun to try out a skate park.  I am looking into a private lesson for him and my son and a day at the skate park practicing their new skills.  This option gets him moving, is something different and a day out with a friend.

Next comes the birthday of the two littlest girls.  The oldest will be turning five and the youngest will be turning three.  For them I can easily see two different scenarios; painting or baking/decorating.  There are a few local places that we can take the girls where they would be able to pick out a piece of pottery and design and decorate it however they please.  It is something they would personalize themselves and could have forever.  If we did the baking/decorating idea I was thinking I would let them choose a cake, cake pops or cookies to make.  Then we would spend the day making them and buying different items to decorate them with.  I even thought we could add in decorating little kid aprons or ordering them personalized aprons in their favorite colors with their nicknames on them. Fun!

Next is the hardest of the four, the soon to be eight year old.  She is a bit harder to please.  I thought last Christmas I did a super job when I picked out all types of items for her pretend class room. See she loves to play pretend school just like my daughter did.  One thing we were always missing was the fun things like tracing paper, dry erase boards and markers, new crayons, pretend detention slips and all that fun stuff.  I could tell when she opened it the gift was not a hit at all.  Back to the drawing board I went in my thinking of great gifts.  I think this year with her we would both enjoy a day out doing a manicure and/or pedicure for her.  Maybe a day spent at the mall getting her makeup done.  She recently had her ears pierced so I think it would be ultra fun for her to get to pick out a fancy pair of earring as well.

Getting through their birthdays is my first personal mission in getting personalized kids toys or experiences this year.  Next we will move on to the Christmas season.  I think at that point I will need to dig deep down, maybe tickets to a hand on museum or zoo for the entire lot of them.  Something fun, memorable and able to be enjoyed by everyone involved.  That is what every gift giver aspires for – right?