Most parents’ top priority for their children is safety. When we are new parents we often have safety experts in that will scour the inside of our homes looking for hidden dangers. How often though do we take safety on the outside of our home into account? So many times we forget about the outside because our main focus is where they will be when we bring them home. The outside gets forgotten because by the time they are toddling around outside we think a few bumps and bruises are natural. So we tend to overlook the larger dangers. The ones that will cause more than a few scrapes. Let’s examine some of the dangers that you should be concerned with when you child is outside.

Parents with pools should make sure the minute they find out they are expecting that they purchase an aluminum fence that will lock. This will prevent a child from entering the pool area without an adult. This is more common than you would expect. Children drown each year trying to fish a favorite toy out of the water.

Water is such a hazard. Many parents don’t think about this but even a backyard pond could become deadly to a wobbling toddler. I know we all think we can supervise one hundred percent of the time but it is more difficult than you think. This is especially true when you have more than one child. Drain the pond or fill it in. I know they are a beautiful part of landscaping but it isn’t worth your child’s life.

Always make sure your child has a helmet on when riding a bike, rollerblading, skateboarding, on a scooter or sledding. You will want to ensure that the helmet fits your child and is in good working order. Head injuries are serious and outside fun should not be the cause of a lifetime of issues.

Make sure your children keep plenty of fluids in them when playing outside. Kids can become dehydrated very easily even in the winter months.

Make sure to inspect all equipment and get rid of anything that is cracked, splintered or otherwise damaged. It is wiser to replace any piece on your play area rather than try to repair it. Prolonging the life of a cracked swing with some tape or glue is a disaster waiting to happen.

If your community allows for it fence in your yard. An aluminum fence will keep your children in and critters out. Fencing is a great tool in keeping your child safe. It avoids them running out into the road to chase after a ball or venturing into neighboring yards that might not be equipped for small children.

Make sure that all poisonous shrubs and plants have been removed from your yard. Little red berries look awfully tempting to little kids but can be extremely lethal if digested. When spraying plant killer for things like poison ivy and poison oak make sure that you keep your children inside. The application of pesticides and plant killers can be deadly to children with any type of respiratory issues.

Above all use caution when allowing your child to become independent. Children are naturally curious and will tend to find mischief without even looking. It is our job to protect them in every way possible until caution is learned. Be watchful and you should be able to steer them away from the dangers that will leave more than a few scrapes and cuts.