Are you bored with your between the glass window treatments? Even with the plethora of between the glass treatments available curtains visually add something unique to the interior design of any room. Adding curtains to your room is one of the least expensive ways to add drama. Sure you can paint or add some wall paper for dimension but curtains are affordable and easy to switch out. If you aren’t pleased with your wall paper you are looking at weeks of peeling it off.

Adding personality to your rooms by adding curtains takes little to know interior design experience. Curtains are one of those items that can be added to any window even if the windows already have blinds between the glass. There are only a few decisions to make when installing curtains to your room; color, length, purpose, hardware and personal flair.

When deciding what type of curtains to add to your rooms make sure to measure the windows and furniture in the room before becoming too set on one type. For instance if you have a large bed frame with large nightstands but small windows you will want to place more emphasis on making the windows grand. When you measure for a small window that is in a room with large items you will want to look for hardware that can extend past the existing window frame. This will make the window appear larger and won’t allow the furniture to be the main focal point of the room any longer. With extra large windows if you want to down play them you will want to use simple window treatments to deemphasize their size.

Color, Print and Pattern
Colors are often used to describe our mood and the same exists with the mood of a room. Curtains can be one area where you use color to create an ambience. Neutral is always a good choice for walls because you can change the accessories to create the mood. If you choose a patterned wall paper or bold color to create a statement then let the walls stand as the room’s statement. Downplay the color, print and pattern of the curtains so that the room does not become overly busy. Whatever you choose when using curtains to decorate a room make sure it fits your style and taste. You are the one who has to love what you see when you enter the room.

This is really important when placing emphasis in your interior design. Don’t think that just because you have short windows that are set higher off the ground you must use curtains that are short. If you want to add drama and flair you will want to emphasize the window. Use the windows natural light by using sheer curtains that go to the floor. Floor length curtains will always add a touch of class and flair. Short curtains tend to be great for kitchens and baths. These areas in your home can use curtains in a fun playful nature. Feel free to choose half curtains or only a valance where you aren’t concerned with privacy such as in the kitchen. If you have windows with the blinds between the glass privacy won’t be an issue anyhow. Windows that have the blinds encased within look wonderful with valances or even sheer curtains. It is all personal preference.

Will the curtains you are installing serve a light control purpose? If so you will need to purchase room darkening curtains. This comes into play for bedrooms mostly. If you work nights and sleep days make sure you take this into account when planning for curtains in the bedroom.

There are so many rods and hooks out there to jazz up your curtains. If you have a more neutral personal style then add the decorative touches in the rods and tiebacks. This is an inexpensive way to change the look of your curtains without going too extreme.

Personal Flair
When doing any kind of designing in your home this is the category to put ninety-five percent of your energy into. You will want to enjoy the space and the way it feels to you. Make sure when doing window treatments that they compliment who you are and what you want to say about yourself through your home. This is truly the most important piece in the puzzle of interior design.