When it comes to choosing a computer repair company there are a ton of choices to choose form starting with big box chain computer stores to local computer repair shops.  How does a computer novice know where to turn when they have an issue and need computer help? To find the best help for your computer repairs we have established a few important tips to consider before dropping your computer off to be fixed.

It is important to note that where ever you take your computer to be fixed it must go through a diagnostic process to determine exactly what is going on inside the computer.  A sure sign that you are at the wrong computer repair shop is upon entering if the technician claims to know exactly what is wrong with your computer.  Lots of times symptoms all sound the same but lead to different computer repairs; it is your computers best interest to have a complete diagnostic ran before any diagnosis is even considered.  The first tip is to find a computer service store that starts with diagnostics.  Most repair shops will charge a half hour labor for this service that will be applied towards repairs if you decide to fix your computer.

When looking into local computer service stores check to find out what type of computers they have experience in and services they offer.  They should offer a wide variety of services such as virus removal, memory upgrades, blue screen repairs, hard drive failures, motherboard replacement and more.  You don’t know what could be wrong with your computer but you want to make sure whatever it is they will be able to fix it.

It is also significant to see what type of certifications the technicians have.  Computer repair techs should be qualified all aspects of computer services and should be certified in various operating systems.  Most technicians have at least a Microsoft certification.

It is also important to find a computer repair shop that offers repair methods other than those done in house.  In some cases you may need the technician to visit your place of business, home or even via remote control.  The shop that you want to build a relationship with is one that offers all of these services.  There may be a time where you just can’t get the machine into the office and need to make sure the technician can still help alleviate your computers problem.

Word of mouth is always the best way to find a place to do business.  If your friends and family like the service they received well enough to tell you all about it then you know that the place is reputable.  This is what you are looking for in the way of a referral to a local computer store that will help fix the issues you are having with your personal computer.  It may be hard at first and large box chains seem tempting as they have built a reputation on their name however note that their product reputation is far different from the reputation their services provide.