Image of exclusion traps used to trap and release wildlife humanely.

Exclusion trapping is a humane pest control method that involves capturing animals at their entry points into buildings, rather than using baited traps placed randomly. This technique is part of a broader approach known as wildlife exclusion, aimed at permanently removing nuisance animals from structures. The strategies employed in exclusion trapping are tailored to specific species, with the primary goal being to prevent these animals from re-entering the property once they’ve been excluded.

This method offers numerous advantages. Since the trap intercepts the animal directly at its entry or exit point, there’s no need for bait, which eliminates the need for constant monitoring and replenishment. This specificity also increases the likelihood of capturing the intended animal, reducing the chances of accidentally trapping non-target wildlife. Exclusion trapping proves especially effective for animals living within the structure itself, such as in the roof or chimney, and is adaptable to various situations.

Exclusion Traps Are Used For:

  • Bats
  • Birds/Pigeons
  • Squirrels/Rock Chucks  
  • Mink/Muskrat
  • Skunks
  • Opossums 
  • Raccoons

To manage bats and birds humanely, we utilize one-way devices that let them leave a structure but prevent their return. For squirrels and other small wildlife, exclusion trapping is effective, particularly when ground trapping is impractical because it doesn’t guarantee that the captured squirrel is the one entering the roof. By positioning the trap at their entry point, exclusion trapping ensures that the specific animal causing issues is caught. For larger animals like raccoons, which have clear entry and exit routes, traps are placed directly outside these points. If the opening doesn’t accommodate a trap well, modifications are made to ensure a snug fit, facilitating effective capture while prioritizing animal safety.

Common Exclusion Points of Entry:

  • Chimney
  • Roof Vents
  • Roof/Fascia Spaces & Roof/Soffit Intersection
  • Plumbing Vents & Pipes
  • Oven & Bathroom Exhaust Vents
  • Holes in Siding
  • Porch & Deck
  • Trees & Landscaping k

Installing chimney caps, screens, and sealing vents and pipes effectively prevents wildlife breaches. Ensuring the roofline is fortified with durable materials and eliminating any gaps is crucial to stop animals from entering. Promptly fixing any siding holes and discouraging nesting near porches or decks with sturdy screening are also key steps. Additionally, managing overhanging branches and nearby vegetation can deter animal access.

Front Range Pest technicians possess the expertise to tailor exclusion traps to both the specific pest and the building’s architecture. These traps are strategically placed over entry points, capturing animals as they exit at night. Some traps may need support for correct positioning, and covered traps are sometimes used to maintain the trapped animal’s calm by limiting its visibility until it can be safely released back into the wild. Exclusion trapping is highly adaptable, with a no one-size-fits-all approach, ensuring each job is customized for optimal results.

Wildlife Invasion? Call a Pro!

Although some wildlife may seem small and harmless, it’s crucial to be aware of the risks they pose. Wild animals can carry diseases and parasites, and their bites can be painful and dangerous. To safeguard your health and that of your family, it’s advisable to contact a trained professional to address any wildlife concerns.

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