The exterior of a home is as equally as important as the inside.  It needs to be cared for, maintained and kept up to date.  Often people are unaware of how to do this or even where to begin.  It is important to realize that the siding, roof and windows of the home are important to the overall appeal of your home as well as the landscaping surrounding the home.  The key is to blend it all together to create harmony and to give the home curb appeal.

Creating an environment on the exterior of a home that is inviting to people is something many homeowners try to do.  With a yard like the one that surrounds my home the key elements of inviting exist naturally with a bit of tweaking from us however this is not the case in all areas.  We are lucky in that a large river flows through the back yard.  It is easy to incorporate landscaping elements that create a sense of being at peace with a natural water source.  This is especially true here in Michigan.

This is not always the case and such is why homeowners have the option to hire landscape designers to create a space like this for them.  The other option is to go out on a limb and try landscaping yourself.  I know this may be a scary thought for many however with a bit of knowledge and a few tips it is a job that can be tackled.

The first thing to think about when doing landscaping around your home’s exterior is to think about the natural environment.  Plants that are indigenous to the area will grow easily and without much added work.  The best plans are those that contain plants of different sizes and bloom in different seasons.  This way your garden will have flare all year round.  Indigenous landscaping also keeps the cost within reason and maintains curb appeal from an ease of maintenance point of view.

Another thing to really take into consideration is the different heights of plants. It is important for the garden to look full.  One way this is done is to by stacking plants.  Taller plants will live toward the back of the garden and smaller ones will be featured throughout gradually towards the front.

I love the idea of little paths and many yards already have them designed into the yard maybe without even knowing it.  The ways in which the yards are accessed can easily be turned into ornate little walkways using a variety of materials.  You can enhance these features by using small flowers or shrubs.  This turns an ordinary path into a garden walkway.  I love smelling the rose bushes we put in place as I stroll through the backyard to sit around a camp fire in the summer.

The landscape of a yard is constantly changing.  This is an important thing to remember as you start on the journey.  We have lived in our home for four years.  Each year something is added to enhance the natural layout and landscaping that is present.  Last year it was bitty bushes to cover some brick work that was showing on the garage that I did not particularly love.  This year as we replenish the mulch I will be looking into adding some different types of daisies.  They are a fun and free flower and I am tying in New Year’s resolutions to everything the family is a part of so our landscaping shouldn’t be left out, right?