Electric Vehicle (EV) sales are growing. As an increasing number of people implement charging stations in their homes or businesses, nearby transformers are becoming affected. Overloads to the power supply, premature aging, and potential failures are all culprits for transformer damage.

Thankfully, an alternative exists: BESS, or Battery Energy Storage Systems. These devices can be especially beneficial when paired with photovoltaic (PV) panels.

A study conducted in 2020 by Milad Soleimani and Mladen Kezunovic titled, “Economic Evaluation of Transformer Loss of Life Mitigation by Energy Storage and PV Generation,” showed that using BESS and PV was economically more effective and mitigated transformer distribution due to decreasing prices.

Soleimani released a second study titled, “PV Generation, EV and Stationary Battery Optimal Control and Management in Distribution Grids,” which evaluated tactics to alleviate the loss of life on the transformer due to high voltage caused by EVs. It also investigated how transformers become overloaded from EVs. Because of potential failures, utilities and consumers typically experience excess expenses.

The study found that in areas with a large number of EVs, the use of BESS devices (with or without PV panels) decreased the risk of transformers becoming faulty. PV installations were also negligible in certain instances.

Since PV panels are more costly, combining solar power with BESS might not be practical without subsidies.

Soleimani suggests, “Utilities should be investors,” which can be accomplished by, “Developing and providing rebates and other incentive programs to motivate consumers to deploy these resources.” When the technology provides an ample return, utilities will benefit as well.

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