By 2030, the global medical radiation detection market is projected to reach $2,558.1 million; in 2020, the market was valued at $1,173 million, according to a new report from

A variety of fatal illnesses can result when people are exposed to radiation for an extended period. Radiation detectors are medical equipment solutions that can detect the presence of radiation. Handheld Survey Meter (HSM), Personal Radiation Detector (PRD), Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM), and Radiation Isotope Identification Device are some of the options available to detect radioactive materials and ionizing radiation.

Dosimeters, radiation-detecting equipment, can detect Gamma rays, which are the most dangerous. Cancer rates have been rising, accelerating the need for medical radiation detecting equipment. An increase in diagnostic imaging facilities requiring medical radiation detectors has helped avoid unnecessary exposure.

Encouraging awareness in radiation-prone settings has been crucial when it comes to safety. In the upcoming years, the increased potential for medical radiation detection is expected to expand in emerging markets.

There are different branches of the global medical radiation detection market, including detection type, product, end-user, and region. Each category contains its sub-categories as well. All of these segments are what drive market growth.

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