Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a method to reduce carbon emissions to treat global warming. It’s a three-step process in which we attempt to separate and capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial processes, (like steel and cement production or from burning fossil fuels to generate power,) before it enters the atmosphere.

Once captured, the carbon is compressed and transported via pipeline, trucking, etc., where it’s later stored. Storage locations include holding tanks, underground saline aquifers, or depleted oil and gas reservoirs. 

According to the Global CDC Institute, CSS is “a proven technology that has been in safe operation for over 45 years.” While we aspire to capture 90-100%, our current technology has a success rate of 50-68% of captured carbon.

Carbon capture technology is not new; however, decarbonization efforts on residential buildings are, along with discovered methods to reprocess stored CO2. 

In Manhattan, five multi-family properties owned by Glenwood Management plan to install CSS systems by March 2023. CO2 will be captured through the buildings’ flue exhaust before escaping into the environment.

The gas will undergo a multi-stage process where it will produce CO2 in a liquid form, then be stored securely in a bulk tank. From there, the liquid CO2 will be sold to an NYC-based masonry firm, where the CO2 will be made into concrete blocks.

In 2024, New York City’s Local Law 97 will begin to penalize buildings based on their CO2 emissions, so we’ll likely see this technology expand throughout.


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