Gate operators create convenience in home security.  A gate operator is a mechanical device that is powered by solar energy, electricity or a combination of both to open and shut the homes electronic driveway gate.  Gate operators can be easily installed on both sliding and swing gates to allow remote entry into the homes driveway.

Gate operators are controlled in many different manners including the two most common remote control and card reader entry.  With the use of a gate operator in both residential and commercial applications you achieve a higher degree of security, convenient access and egress control.  They can be configured in a number of ways depending on what is most suitable for your gate type, the size of the gate and how often the gate will be cycled.  For commercial gate operators it is important to purchase an industrial grade operator to support the number of times it will be opening and closing each and every day.

Four main gate operators are sold today and are each specific to different applications.  The lift gate operator is a simple device that moves the obstruction out of the way.  Lift gate operators are most often used in access and egress points within parking slots.  Slide gate operators are most often used in large residential complexes and residential driveways.  A slide operator simply moves the game in one direction to allow for entry.  Swing gate operators are used in gates that have two side by side pieces.  A swing gate operator uses two separate motors top open the gates, one for each side. A trolley gate operator is often seen in parking garages and works on the premise that the gate is pulled up allowing access.  All gate operators are installed using sensitive sensors that offer safety while using the gate.  The sensors set limitations for the gate when opening and closing.

When it comes to protecting your home or business commercial and residential electronic entry gates offer a superior choice in protection.  Gates have become less expensive and more readily available throughout the consumer market making electronic entry gates more commonly seen in residential areas such as driveways and entry into exclusive communities.  Electronic entry gates are popular in parking garages to create a safe and secure place to park your vehicle.  This is an option that is often seen in large cities and helps to secure vehicles as well as creating safety for the people using the parking garage. Gate operators with the assistance of electronic gates keep people out that don’t belong which helps to protect those that do.

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