When it comes to aging in place the best plan is to make a plan of action as the day will sneak up on you before you even realize it. Aging happens to us without even letting us have a clue that it is happening. My parents who I still considered incredibly young at sixty five however there are things around the house that I already see becoming increasingly difficult for them to do. My dad of course is still taking on all of the challenges without asking for a bit of help however the day is coming all too soon when he will have no choice.

Each room of the house has its challenges when it comes to aging in place. The same is true when faced with handicap construction for people with special needs. When it comes to kitchen remodels it is important to adjust many aspects within the environment.

One item that is easy to manipulate are the cabinets. Base cabinets can be fitted with roll-out trays making the items easier to reach. Remember as we age bending becomes a bit more difficult. Corner cupboards can be enhanced using a lazy-susan. This accessory allows everything within the space to be glided on a spinning platform which makes the items in the back easier to reach with the rotation of the tray. Also replace cabinet knobs with easy pulls. Aging hands are often arthritic and some pulls can be especially difficult to put your hand around.

Consider replacing the kitchen faucet as well. Knob fashion faucets make it difficult to turn the water on and off. A single levered faucet works well for individuals that have lost hand strength or are simply becoming affected by the ailments that come with the aging process.

The next element to consider is when it comes to the stovetop and oven. The best option, if it is within your budget is to replace gas and electric stovetop areas with induction stovetops. An induction stovetop uses magnetic energy and will only heat the area below and right next to the pot. This reduces the likelihood of injury from burns related to hot stovetops. Not to mention the benefit of less energy used.

Kitchen lighting should illuminate the countertops. This can be done by adding under-wall cabinet lighting. If the work surface is brighter it is easier for elder eyes to work when it comes to slicing vegetables and working on the counter.

The last thing within the kitchen to think about is the flooring. It is necessary to ensure that the flooring is not slippery or filled with throw rugs. If you find the floor surface to be a bit slippery you can use a anti-slip treatment on the floor to help.

Each room in the home with has different handicap construction/age in place needs that need to be met as the aging process begins. The goal is to define issues as they arise and create solutions before they become problems.