Ransomware is everywhere these days. In October, Microsoft released a statement about Iranian hackers breaking into countless Office365 accounts. Google also released a threat analysis outlining phishing campaigns targeted to YouTube creators. Twitch announced on Twitter that their company had suffered a security breach. The list is extensive, but some notable attacks took place in only one month. Recent attacks include hospitals, schools, gas pipelines, television stations, and numerous municipal water systems.

NordLocker released an analysis defining attacks based on the type of business. Estimated to cost businesses roughly $20 billion in total, thousands of ransomware incidents occur daily. Since the truly successful hacks are never openly revealed, there are presumably more than recorded or published.

In 2020, 1,200 ransomware attacks were analyzed by NordLocker. The results showed that internet companies and online services are generally not highly targeted. Construction companies have been hit the hardest, with 93 affected businesses within the industry. Manufacturing companies are a close second, with 86 affected within the trade.

The top ten businesses targeted by ransomware are:

  1. Construction
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Finance
  4. Healthcare
  5. Education
  6. Technology & IT
  7. Logistics & Transportation
  8. Automotive
  9. Municipal Services
  10. Legal

The most dangerous hacker is the Conti ransomware group that claimed 450 attacks during 2020. REvil was linked to 210 attacks during 2020, Dopple Paymer was responsible for 200 attacks, and PYSA was connected to 188 attacks.

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