When comparing entry systems a driveway gate is one of the most effective methods that can be used to keep your home or business secure and inaccessible.  Depending on the level of security you desire along with your budget you have a variety of options to choose from with your entry gate system.  You will want to take into consideration the size and variety of vehicles that will be entering the premise to prevent entry and exit hassles.  All while concentrating on the size, strength and features you desire in an entry gate.

Consideration When Comparing Driveway Gates

Size of the Driveway Gate: The mistake many people make when purchasing an entry system is that they size the gate off of the size of their vehicle without the consideration of other vehicles that may need to enter.  Entry gates must be large enough that emergency vehicles can safely enter and exit the area without hassle.  Leave additional space to prevent accidents and mishaps that can come with automatic driveway gates.

Entry Access System:  When choosing an access control system for your driveway gate the greatest consideration should be ease of use.  A manual entry system has the same inconveniences that come a conventional entry way.  You will have to enter and exit the vehicle each and every time you open and close the gate.  This also leaves room for the gate to be easily accessed by others.  Choose an entry system that allows for automatic entry.  This can be in the form of a remote control, key pad or several other options. Automatic entry access systems are growing in popularity due to their effectiveness in providing privacy, security and convenience.

Driveway Gate Design:  A driveway gate has two different design options: sliding or swing.  There are also several different ornamental style options to choose from as well.  Swing gates are often less expensive than sliding gates.  Sliding gates need adequate space on both sides of the gate where as a sliding gate needs additional room to the front and back of the entrance.   Both options are popular amongst homeowners and commercial users.  The deciding factor for which is better for your entry way will be the space in which it is to be installed.

Material Durability: Your driveway entry gate must be made from a material that is made for durability in the climate you live.  It must be resistant to the harsh weather of your area.  Consider the materials sturdiness and maintenance level as well when picking a material for your fence.  Wooden entry gates are beautiful but require expensive upkeep to keep them looking as if they were just installed whereas aluminum and wrought iron gates are a bit more expensive upfront they don’t require the intense maintenance of wood.

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