Are you in the market to replace diagnostic imaging equipment that is out of date or broken down?  Are you looking to purchase the latest and greatest in Linacs systems?  If this describes where you are at it is crucial to purchase the right equipment for your working environment.  When purchasing IMRT Equipment, otherwise known as Intensity-Modulation Radiation Therapy, Linear Accelerators, CT Simulators, or CT Scanner look at pieces that encompass the whole organization including patients and technicians.

Consider the benefits that your organization will gain with the purchase of the new equipment. How will they benefit from the latest, most up to date technology? Does it make sense to replace your 16 slice CT scanner with a 64 slice CT scanner?  Are patient satisfied with 3D images or do they prefer 4D images?  It will totally depend on whether your organization will benefit or not from the purchase of new equipment before making a purchase.  Due diligence, research and fore thought are needed before making a purchase of such magnitude for your facility, patients and employees.  Consider if and how everyone will benefit from the purchase.

Below you will find tips to consider before purchasing diagnostic imaging equipment.

  • Price: No matter if you are purchasing new or refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment the cost is always a consideration.  Consider the initial price, the cost to maintain the piece, the service cost and the accessibility to parts to repair the equipment if it does fail.  Each piece of equipment that you consider to purchase should be evaluated in the same manner to ensure it is properly considered.
  • Environmental Consequences: Within many organizations it is important to not only provide top quality equipment but for it also to be friendly to our environment. When purchasing an imaging piece consider the impact it has on the environment especially if this is of importance within your organization.  The initial cost of equipment that is environmentally friendly may initially cost more however in the long run may cost less than other pieces being that repairs are often cheaper.
  • Treatment: Consider how often and when the equipment will be used. Will the features on this new or refurbished equipment meet the treatment needs that you are in need of it treating?  Does it truly meet the needs to the people in which it will be servicing?
  • Technicians: Consider the level of the skills that the technicians possess.  Will they be able to use the new equipment without much training or support?  Is training online or in person and how much will this cost the organization?  Does the end user feel the piece meets the overall needs of the company?  Meet with the technicians before major purchases within the organization.  They are the ones that truly know what is needed and the impact it will have on their jobs as well as the patients.
  • Service Contract/Technical Support: Establish what is and what is not covered within the service contract. How much support are the end users given when the equipment is not operating properly?  Negotiate all technical support within the initial purchase agreement to be sure that your needs will be properly met after the sale.
  • Repairs, Parts and Access: Another consideration is fixing each piece if it is to break down. Are new parts available?  If not how accessible and reliable are refurbished parts?  What is the budget to maintain this equipment?  How hard is it to diagnosis issues that are occurring? Are the technicians trained to quickly and properly fix and maintain the equipment with what is available to them?

Such large purchases are difficult to make. Organizations, especially those in need of imaging equipment, are not often allowed unlimited budgets.  The cost of such pieces along with maintaining them is always important.  Knowing this information before you make a purchase ensure you have done due diligence in purchasing such a large line item for your company.

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