Living on a golf course is a goal for many retirees that are looking for the relaxation and sport in the later years of life.  The attraction home buyers find when looking into purchasing a home on a golf course is undeniable.  Who would not want to stroll around on the well manicured landscape that comes with golf courses, the views and the attraction of walking out your front door and into a game of golf?  The truth is though that often times the allure fades fast when you are out walking the dog in the early morning hours in your own back yard only to find a stranger rummaging through your bushes to find his golf ball that disappeared.

Where ever you choose to live there are advantages and disadvantages that come along with the dream.  The thought of sitting on the deck, eating breakfast with your spouse watching the latest group of golfers pass by laughing and enjoying their round of golf is a delightful vision.  However the rowdy bachelor party golfing behind them, who are loud, crude and cursing not so much a delight.

Here you will find some things you will want to take into consideration before putting the down the payment on a new home situated on a golf course, the good and bad.

The hole in which your home is situated by plays a large part in helping to decide if the location on the golf course fits with what you are looking for.

If you are looking at a home by the tee you have the advantage of seeing a critical power shot.  The major disadvantage is that this is when people are most upset if their shot goes amiss.  Consider that a new group of golfers will tee off at any given spot every twenty minutes or so.

If you are considering a home that is in the middle of the hole to the right or to the left of it there are things to consider as well.  The view at this position is most often beautiful in landscape and it is a stunning view, most of the time, of the entire hole.  The major downside is that most golfers aren’t very good and their aim tends to spew balls in several crazy directions, one of which could be your home.  Those beautiful windows that open your home to the views and beauty of the course could be in harm’s way.

Homes set on the green are often ideal.  The shots that are taken here are usually shorter therefore less wild and less likely to be found in your window pane.  It is also usually very quiet as the putting green tends to be a place of great concentration for most golfers.  The disadvantage is that the greens tend to be mowed every day on many courses thus possibly interfering with your sleep.

Golf courses attract many home buyers to them each year so the advantages must outweigh the disadvantages.  The beauty of the landscape and well manicured lawns bring a peace only a beautiful natural environment can.  The best piece of advice any realtor specializing in golf course living will tell you is to talk, chat with the neighbors.  They will not be shy in telling you what annoys them about their community but more importantly will want to share everything that makes the environment one that you will want to purchase a home in.