What type of pictures come to your head when I mention the word VERMIN? Do you cringe? Most people don’t have images of cute, cuddly household pets. We think of bugs, squirrels, raccoons, beetles, maggots and other small creatures that cause ruckus and delay to normal life. Vermin removal takes time you don’t have. Vermin don’t always go away nice and easy. Most of the time it takes major dedication to completely rid yourself of pests. Vermin navigate by smell and nothing smells better than your trash. Your trash is like a mega phone broadcasting a signal to your home.

There needs to be a plan for managing your outside trash to make sure that vermin stay at bay. Once you have attracted these mega pests removing them is a difficult process. Vermin attract stray animals to your home. In turn the chaos that they attract will bring dirt and disease to your home environment. It is much less work on a homeowner’s part to manage their waste than to go through the processes of vermin removal. Managing the waste in your outside trash cans will eliminate the attraction of vermin to your home. This will decrease the possibilities of an infestation of vermin inside your home.

How can you minimize the attraction your garbage has to vermin? It is much easier than most would believe. First you will want to make sure that you have created a situation where it is virtually impossible for pest to get into your garbage cans. Many people who live where trash management companies are abundant have bins to hold their trash. Bins are a wonderful distraction for vermin but unless they are properly latched and sealed the critters can intrude. You will want to place latches on the trash that are sufficient in locking critters away. If you are out in the country where trash management companies are less abundant you will need to store your garbage properly until you can take it to the recycling facility. Many folks use bins made out of wood materials and chicken coop wire. A lock is place on the top portion of the bin to secure the waste inside of the enclosure. The chicken coop wire is used to provide proper ventilation so that the scent does not start to attract the vermin.

Another tip in minimizing the attractiveness of your trash is to bleach out all of the containers that hold trash. Keeping the containers clean and free of trash juice will make sure that vermin such as maggots don’t start to make a residence in your trash receptacles. Even the slightest crack or hole in your trash can enables the smallest of vermin to enter. The use of trash can liners can also help decrease infestations. Another tip if you find yourself with a crawling vermin infestation is to keep your trash cans in trays lined with water. Vermin cannot swim and will drown getting to the intended promise land.

Whatever you do to keep vermin at bay will help in the long run. Vermin removal is a long a tedious process so anything that you can do to maintain an environment that does not promote vermin will be beneficial. Another key is to help spread the word and promote cleanliness within the neighborhood. If everyone is taking an active role in preventing vermin than the neighborhood should stay vermin free.