Even though your pool might not be a priority in the winter, it’s crucial to understand how harsh, snowy conditions can affect it. Here are essential tips to ensure your pool remains in excellent condition during the cold months.

Clear Heavy Snow: While light snowfall isn’t a problem, significant accumulation on your pool cover is a concern. Gently remove excess snow using a soft broom or skimmer net, but avoid walking on the cover, even if the water underneath appears frozen.

Guard Against Freezing: If your pool isn’t winterized and a freeze is imminent, have a plan ready. Keep the pump running at high speed to prevent freezing if the equipment is still connected. Avoid using portable heaters, heat lamps, or electric blankets on the pump or filter, as these can cause damage and fire hazards.

Establish Boundaries: To prevent accidents and discourage people from accidentally stepping on the pool cover, place visible markers like rubber cones, empty buckets, or similar items around the pool’s perimeter.

Inspect for Damage: Falling tree limbs laden with snow or ice can damage your pool cover. Remove them quickly and check the cover for any rips or tears, which can let debris into the pool. Small tears can be patched, but larger or multiple tears might necessitate a cover replacement.

Ensure Cover Security: Keep your pool cover firmly attached to your deck or yard, and make sure that any loose items, such as patio furniture, are secured against windy conditions.

Emergency Winterization Steps: In an emergency, turn off the pool’s circuit breaker, open the air relief valve, and remove water from all valves. Set your multiport valve to “winter.” Place air pillows, inflatable floats, or empty plastic jugs in the pool to prevent tile damage from ice expansion. Use a weighted plastic bottle in the skimmer for protection, and wrap a towel around the auto-fill vacuum breaker for insulation.

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