Home owners have many choices when it comes to choose a material for the fence and gates for their yards and driveways.  The material you choose will be determined upon what your needs are.  Is the goal of installing a new fence or driveway gate to keep your kids and pets contained?  Are you looking for more privacy?  Is the reason you are installing a new fence simply to boost your property value and give the yard a nice look?  You also need to take into account the cost of the fence, the maintenance level, neighborhood restrictions and of course finding a contractor to install it.

Choose the Best Fence For Your Yard

When it comes to choosing a fence for your yard it is important to prioritize your needs over your wants or desires.  You may think you want a privacy fence but a picket fence may be better.  When you go to sell your home a privacy fence may look like you are trying to hide something when in reality all you need is a fence that looks nice and helps to contain critters and kids.

Consider Fence Maintenance

Certain fencing materials are more high maintenance than others.  Aluminum is practically maintenance free where as wood needs to be maintained with painting and staining yearly.  Another material that is fairly free from maintenance is vinyl.  White vinyl fencing shows stains and visible wear unlike aluminum.

The one drawback of aluminum or vinyl fencing is if it is to get damaged it may be difficult to find a replacement several years later.  Whereas wood fence is fairly common place and can be easily replicated to replace worn or damaged pieces.

Check With Your Local Home Owners Association

Living in a subdivision requires that you follow the rules of your home owners association.  HOA rules may govern the material, height and style of fencing you can choose.  If you install the incorrect material you risk legal fines and the expense of having to purchase another fence later on down the road.

Choose A Contractor To Install Your Fence and Driveway Gate

The final step in the process is to order and install your new fence and gate.  Make sure you hire a fence contractor that secures all of the building permits needed to install your fence.  The contractor you hire is responsible for planning for the installation including checking property lines.  It is crucial that the fence is installed within your property boundaries.  If the fence is located on even a corner of your neighbor’s lawn they are legally able to remove it.  This can be expensive as well as cause unnecessary turmoil with your neighbors.

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