When you think of the top ten worst jobs exterminator has to be somewhere in the list.  Who doesn’t scream like a baby when they see a spider or two and forget it one mouse and I am out forever.  Never to return to the room that once was infested, because yes in my mind one would be an infestation, with mice.  Exterminators have a tough, dirty job that sometimes is not without failure.  It is true that some infestations take continual treatment and a one-time procedure is not going to fix the homes issue.

There are a few things you should be aware of before you hire an exterminator and yep one of them is that sometimes for your infestation to stay at bay they will have to visit more than once.

First things first, the cleanest homes and kitchens are still not immune to some insects and rodents.  As unsettling as this is it is true.  Pests are attracted to clean homes.  They like food, whether it is in a sink, a trash can or a closed cupboard.  They can find it anywhere.  Pests also love moisture.  They foster in moisture which also sustains them as a viable life form within your home.  To avoid issues from food and moisture around the home make sure that you take your trash out regularly.  Don’t allow food to stay on plates whether they are sitting in the dishwasher or the sink.  Dry the dishes with the heat of the dishwasher which prevents unwanted moisture from dishes put away moist.  On the outside make sure that water is never left to puddle up and become a habitat for critters.

If bugs are attracted to your home they will find a way to make it theirs.  Certain bugs, such as bedbugs don’t care about your homes environment all they care about is you.  You are their source of food, well your blood is.  They are incredibly difficult to get rid of and can hitch a ride home with you on basically any surface.  Leave your luggage outside after traveling.  Wash everything and don’t assume that because you can’t see them they aren’t there.  This is not the case at all.  They are tiny and hiding is there main goal during the daytime.

Don’t assume because I was able to get rid of your pest problem it won’t ever come back again. If you bring a roach home, you will get roach’s again.  If you don’t keep the lid on your trash the raccoon I got rid of will have a brother that comes to visit.  Your exterminator can only do so much.  They can get rid of an issue and to treatment to prevent another infestation but you need to be vigilant and follow their advice as well to help yourself.

Head lice are not something an exterminator can help you get rid of. With any bug that hosts on hair or skin you are looking at needing to be vigilant in medically removing it yourself as well as within your home.  An exterminator is not who needs to be called in to handle a case of body or head lice.

Be sure to hire a pest removal company that uses an Integrated Pest Management process.  This ensures that you are getting the safest pest removal using the least amount of product that achieves the most effective results.