When it comes to custom labeling it is important to understand the psychology of color.  Knowing what feelings are invoked with color and when colors are used in combination of one another ensures a proper foundation to successfully package and market your product.  Color, when used in custom label design, is used to convey a message without saying a word.

When marketing a product color serves an important role in how consumers view your product or services.  In order to maximize a company’s brand and the impact it has on consumers colors are combined to reflect a desired message.  Then as time goes on and those colors are seen used together images of your brand will emerge.  Think about the first thing that comes to mind when you see the colors red and yellow together?  Do the golden arches of a certain popular food chain come to mind?  Color is how marketers work to create a successful brand.

Another thing to consider in the colors used in your products custom label is how different colors are perceived around the world.  The meanings of colors used in product labeling don’t mean the same thing to everyone in every culture.  Below you will get an idea of how color is used in labeling and what can be associated with each.


The color red can mean something completely different depending on the product type.  Red is a bold color that is known for presenting power, sexuality, velocity and vigor.  Red as a main label color represents something different than red lettering.  Red is a perfect color when designing a label for a product that is meant to be bought on a whim.  It is perfect for products that are to inspire purchase on an impulse.


When looking for a color that exudes energy, warmth and a bit of mischievousness, orange is the perfect color to use in custom labeling.   When orange is used consumers see adventures and confidence.  Marketers choose orange when looking to package products to give off freshness and vibrancy; often used in juices and products that wish to represent and era of sophistication.


Products wishing to appeal to nature and the environment choose green.  The color green is earthy, fresh and clean.  It attracts energy, movement, peace and an appeal to the earth.  When looking to exude how in touch your product is in with Mother Nature a variety of green shades should be used to design your products label.


The color blue offers feelings of professionalism, reliance and dependability.  Blue, especially darker blue shades are used in logos and custom labeling when looking to present class and trustworthiness.

When choosing colors and different combinations it is crucial to consider the message the colors used say about your product without saying a word at all.

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