In hunting you will find there are two distinct types of knives to choose from, the fixed blade knife and the folding or lock blade knife.  As with most products there are distinct benefits and drawbacks when deciding between the two.  When choosing between the two you will want to consider your unique and specific hunting approach as well as your preference for carrying your knife.  If you prefer to carry a knife in your pocket you will want to go with a folding or locking blade knife but if you want to wear the knife on your belt or in a boot sheath you will be looking at a fixed blade knife.

Folding or locking blade knives often come with a unique feature that allows them to be opened using only one hand.  Often times the knife is equipped with a small lever that you place your thumb in that assists in opening the blade.  Another nice feature about folding blades is the locking mechanism that prevents accidental blade closings.  If a blade closes accidentally it is likely to cause injury.  To close a knife with a locking component you must press the lever down and apply pressure to fold the knife back into the handle.  A lock blade knife is convenient to be carried within a pocket or worn easily on a belt.  They are usually smaller in size then fixed blade knives which make them a terrific option for an everyday knife or for a knife used in fishing, hunting or outdoor adventures.

If you are into big game hunting or are adventurous in survival outings a fixed blade knife might be a better option for you.  A fixed blade knife is often larger and sturdier and is better suited to the stress that will be put on it in survival and big game hunting expeditions.   They are considered a stronger knife as they do not rely on a hinge to fold the knife.  The blade is made from one solid piece of metal and is part of the actual handle using a full tang.  In my opinion this is the highest quality fixed blade knife you can purchase.  The knife will be carried in a sheath that is worn around a belt, within a boot or around your leg.  The sheath that you will choose to carry your knife in with depends on the game you are hunting, the clothing you are wearing and personal comfort.  When venturing into deep woods camping or large game hunting looks into a good quality full tang fixed blade knife.

Several different types of blades are available on folding blades and fixed blade options.  The clip point and drop point blades are the most popular for hunters.  A clip point blade is best for smaller areas where as the drop point blade is best for skinning and larger animals.

Another blade option that is popular is the gut hook blade.  This style blade has a hooked end that is used to open the animals mid section without clipping into the entrails.  If choosing a gut hook blade look for one that has a wide opening to accept the thickness of the animals hide.  It is important to remember that the animals will have their winter coats, hair and hide so you will need a hook blade that is substantial to get through the animal.

In choosing a knife there are many brands to consider.  Some of the top brands are Boker Tree, Browning, Case and Zero Tolerance.  Take your time, do some research and get a feel for the knife you want.  Look around at stores but when it comes to the big purchase, check online as the deals are often far greater than what you can find in store.