The holiday season is approaching quickly!  With this excitement comes the hustle and bustle of getting everything you want to get done, done. As well as the packages you want sent out where you want them when you want them there.  Managing the logistics of the holiday has never been easier with the options of online shopping and shipping as well as logistic companies catering to small less than truckload shipments.

This is not only important to us as consumers but as business owners as well.  With more orders coming in with the holidays approaching it is important that product ends where it needs to be, on time to facilitate the increase in consumer activity that comes from the season.  Once again third party logistic companies come to our rescue.

There are many benefits that come along with using less than truckload freight trucking companies as your logistics professionals.  The best reason of all is that their services are fast, easy and quotes are free.  LTL freight is when it is needed to ship anything from one pallet of goods to half a truck load and anything in between.  LTL trucking companies combine shipments to efficiently ship all types of goods saving you money.  Often times smaller companies don’t need to ship large quantities therefore a full truck is not needed.

Another great benefit derived from LTL shipping is that the special needs of your shipment can be taken care of.  If your shipment requires refrigeration, freezers, hazmat, dry storage or special care for items like produce or pharmaceuticals LTL logistic service providers can provide service to you combining your shipment with others in need of the same conditions into one truckload.

Another benefit is the environmental aspect.  LTL shipping is an environmentally friendly way to transport your freight because it takes several small shipments into one large truckload.  This alleviates multiple trucks shipping small loads of freight all over the United States and globally.  With companies becoming more interested in adopting environmental friendly procedures and eliminating the activities that affect the environment shipping via combined shipments found in ltl shipping is increasing in popularity.

Another benefit is the timeliness of shipping ltl.  When you are able to ship just a partial truck load you are not leaving goods that have been purchased or are needed elsewhere sitting on a truck waiting for a truckload to be filled.  Time and money are both saved as well as an increase in customer satisfaction.  The faster consumers have products the happier they are.

With every business decision there are advantages and disadvantages to be weighed.  The thing is, there aren’t any disadvantages to less than truckload transportation services.  It is truly a win, win situation for every party involved. Businesses get shipments sent out in a timely, cost effective, environmentally friendly fashion and consumers wreak the benefits of having their shipments arrive in a timely fashion.  This leaves everyone getting back to making money and being productive sooner.  When logistics become a non issue and a system is running efficiently everyone wins, the major benefit of discount ltl shipping.