If you or someone you care for using a wheelchair, walker or scooter for mobility than a handicap ramp is an absolute necessity for your home.  The most desirable ramp is not only based upon initial costs but consider the big picture. When installing a ramp consider that it will need to be maintained as well as need to be adjusted from time to time as well as possibly removed at some point.  The ramp may not be a structure that is meant to be permanent.  This will all play a role in the type of accessible ramp you choose for your home.

Aluminum Handicap Ramps

I personally think it is best to look at all the advantage that aluminum handicap ramps posses when determining what style ramp to use for you or your loved one to enter and exit the home environment.

1)      Aluminum handicap ramps can be incredibly versatile.  Any type of landing can be accommodated with an aluminum ramp.  This is also true if the ramp needs to be re-configured later on down the road should you move or need to change the place the ramp is installed at.

2)      Handicap ramps that are aluminum are durable and strong.  This quality exists even though they are lightweight.  Another benefit that comes with this lightweight durable material, aluminum, is that the upkeep and maintenance is non-existent. Wooden handicap ramps, although beautiful, are difficult to maintain.

3)      Aluminum handicap ramp installation is cheaper as the time required to build and install these ramps is half that of wooden ramps.  The other benefit is that often a permit does not need to be pulled to add on an aluminum handicap ramp where as a wooden ramp requires building permits and inspections.  It is best to check with your local government offices to determine if a permit is required.

4)      Whatever your need be it a modular ramp, a folding ramp or a ramp to rent aluminum handicap ramps have an option available for you.   That is another benefit of aluminum handicap ramps is that there is always one to meet your need.

A professional handicap ramp installation expert will evaluate your home to help you determine exactly what you need and the best route to go when purchasing a ramp that meets all of your or your loved ones needs.