The fall season is approaching; the time known as “not too hot nor too cold” for outdoor work. Familiarize yourself with ten common home projects best done in the fall.


One of the most critical maintenance chores that usually fails to get done in a timely manner is cleaning your gutters from leaves and debris. Nothing is more annoying than finding your channels clogged during a rainstorm and water pouring overboard. Or worse, ice dams that can quickly damage your gutters and more. Ensure your gutter system is fastened securely to the house and pitched correctly. Short on time, hire a cleaning company or helper. The money spent can save you thousands down the road to repair damages.  


At least once a year, you should climb up to your roof for inspection. Check the state of your roof, vents, and chimney, and fix any minor repairs, like missing shingles or small leaks. Determine if it needs to be replaced. Roofing companies will give free estimates and can be hired to inspect and list essential and minor repairs.


Adding more insulation to the attic will lower your energy costs. Over time, you will re-coop what you spent for insulation. Proper insulation within your attic will help keep the warmth in during the winter and the cool air in the summer. If you are hiring a roofing specialist, they can usually assist with replacing or adding more insulation. Be sure to ask when getting roofing estimates.

Fertilize the Lawn

Fertilizing can be done in the spring, summer, and fall, but if you have pets or young children, this task may better be left for the fall, when most outdoor activities have been completed. This job can be completed in an afternoon by yourself or by hiring a fertilizing company. Be sure to ask about safer organic applications for pets and children.

Refinish the Deck or Patio

The best time to refinish your deck or patio is in the fall, so you’re ready to sit and enjoy in the spring. If the area is small enough, power washing, cleaning, and re-staining the deck can be done within a day or two. If you hire the job out, ask to be placed on their yearly schedule if pleased with their work. This way, the company contacts you, and it’s one less thing on your to-do list.

Re-Stain, Paint, or Refinish Siding

If you are especially handy and want to take on this enormous task, fall is the best season to complete this project. Temperatures over 80 degrees or cooler than 50 degrees greatly affect the application drying. When your paint has faded, become discolored, or chipped, the fall season is the best time of the year to recoat your exterior.  

Interior Painting

Painting can make a room look new again. Even if you can’t redo the entire home, starting with one room at a time will eventually bring new life to your house. If you can’t paint a room or it doesn’t require a drastic change, consider painting the trim or the front door. Just changing up the color can impact the entire vibe of a space. For larger jobs, hire a professional painter if able, or take a weekend and roll up your shirt sleeves for single room or smaller projects.

Septic Tank Pumped

Most septic tanks require being pumped every 3 to 5 years. So, if you have a septic tank and your approaching the deadline, schedule to have it pumped before winter. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that you won’t have the extra burden of dealing with the winter elements. The number of bathrooms the home has and the number of occupants will help determine how often you need to empty the tank. Always call a professional to verify needs.

Replacing Windows

Is your furnace or central air working overtime? If it feels like they are constantly running, it may be time to replace the windows. Energy-efficient windows save you a ton on heating and cooling costs, plus your home actually stays warm in the winter and cool in summer. Planning a move? New windows increase the value of your home and help promote resale.


Winterizing is a must for Michigan homeowners. Prevent costly repairs of busted pipes and such by proactively overseeing your underground sprinklers, exterior water spickets, hoses, and pool/filters/heaters. Also, inspect and caulk any exterior doors and windows that need it, and replace weather stripping.

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