Everyone loves their children. Parents wish to keep their children safe at all costs. When you first find out you are expecting a child you read everything you can get your hands on about keeping them safe. They hold classes about child proofing your home. They have professional who come out and get on their hands and knees and scour each inch of your home for safety hazardous. The problem is that most people forget about the outside when thinking about hazards. One are that often gets over looked is the pool area.

Pools are so much fun and are often over looked because of the enjoyment they provide for families. Children are enthralled with the water and the toys that you play with while you are swimming. It is often easy for little kids to wander in to pool areas when their parents have their backs turned. Pools cause more accidental deaths for young children than many other hazards that we think of. This is because most people don’t consider the pool to be a hazard.

There are many products on the market that are meant to provide peace of mind for parents with pools. One product that sells frequently is the pool alarm. They work by attaching to the side of the pool or some float on the top of the water. They sound when a wake is created that causes movement in the water. This works if a child does enter the water and accidentally falls in the alarm sounds and a parent is able to hear it and hopefully save the child from drowning. Another type of alarm that is used for children are wristbands. This alarm is worn like a watch on the child’s wrist and if it gets wet an alarm outside of the pool sounds and the parent is then able to react.

Personally I think the best safety tool parents can use in pool areas is a fence around the pool. Swimming pool fencing comes in many styles and can be used in the décor to enhance the design of the back yard. The best part about pool fencing is that when you are not in the pool vicinity it can be locked. Make sure you get a latch and lock type fence. They provide extra security because the latch is often above the child’s reach. If the door is shut it cannot be opened by anyone other than an adult. When the pool area is not in use parents can lock the latch with a lock that can only be opened by a key or combination. Swimming pool fencing is honestly the number one safety tool in backyards with pools.

You could always use life jackets each time you let your child outside. But are your children going to be comfortable playing outside everyday with life jackets on? You can never trust a child in a pool area. The water and toys will lure them in each and every time. Swimming pool fencing is a much more practical way to keep your child safe if there is a pool in your backyard.