Spring is here!  With that comes the prospect of a thick, beautiful, lush lawn.  Every homeowner can have a lush lawn.  If you are too busy to maintain your own lawn hiring a landscape contractor is affordable and the results are something you can enjoy all throughout the summer.


Both your lawn and garden need aeration.  This is especially true in during the spring season.  The process of aeration is one in which air is circulated through the lawn and is mixed with or dissolved in a liquid or substance.  Special equipment is used to aerate landscape.  The soil must be punctured with spikes to remove bits of cores of the soil from the ground, this is called core aeration. This process helps restore your lawns health.

Aeration improves the health of the grass at the root.  Winter weather dries out your lawn out which is why it is so important to create an environment where liquid is allowed to soak deep into the root system.  This process can be difficult and expensive therefore should be performed by a landscape professional if at all possible.


Thatch is the organic material that builds up over the grass bed throughout the year.  Your lawn should be dethatched at the beginning of spring.  It is necessary to remove the debris to create a solid base of healthy grass.  The dead materials compresses over the winter so a specialized tool to dethatch is used to remove the material and make room for healthy growth.  Most lawns need a small amount of thatching along with aeration to do away with disease causing agents that live within the organic material build up.


Weeding is one of the jobs no one really loves.  The first time you weed should be after the snow thaws.  When spring comes weeds have built up and are at the most abundant they will be throughout the year.  Be sure when weeding that you take time to pull the root of the weed out.  After you remove the weeds dispose of them.  Never compost the weeds or keep them on your property as that will result in further seed distribution.


Mulch is a simple method for caring for your flower beds and landscape.  Mulching is the process of distributing a small layer of wood chips to an area that has an area of soil.  Mulch is usually organic and includes healthy peat moss, bark chips, wood chips, straw mulch and organic materials.  Mulch helps to conserve moisture, improve fertility, reduce the growth of weeds and enhance the visual appeal.


The spring and fall seasons are the perfect time to fertilize your lawn.  Fertilization is important as it provides nutrition’s to the grass root system.  It is important to feed the roots with a thin layer of compost and natural fertilizers, such as manure, will nourish your grass and plants to create a healthy landscape.

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