Home improvements are not all created equally.  There are those renovations that are only done for the intrinsic value that they bring to the homeowner and family unit; one such exterior renovation that does just that is the installation of an in ground pool.  Homeowners most often will not get the money that they put into a pool back when they sell the home.   Whereas some renovations increase your homes value enough to cover the materials and labor.

Projects that offer homeowners a solid return on their investment all have certain qualities in common.   Low maintenance, high quality, energy efficiency renovation projects that are budget friendly make the best remodeling investments for the long term increase in the equity of your home.

Updating the homes entry way by replacing the front door is a great way to enhance the exterior of your home while adding curb appeal that increases the value of your home.  New steel front doors kick up the appeal of your home while yielding the best payback.  An updated entry with a new front entry door transforms the entire look and feel of the home’s exterior.  A new door also works to enhance the energy efficiency of the home without busting your renovating budget.

Another exterior renovation that offers a terrific return on your investment is the addition of an electronic driveway gate.  Installing a driveway gate is not only an equity building renovation it also offers other advantages to homeowners.  Electronic driveway gates increase home security, decrease insurance rates, improved privacy along with countless other benefits.

Another exterior project that works to increase the value of your home is new siding.  Old worn out siding decreases the homes curb appeal.  In fact worn out siding can decrease the value of the home by ten percent.  Updated siding on the other hand tells buyers that the homeowner takes care of all aspects of the home including the exterior.

Kitchen remodeling offers the best return on investment when looking into interior renovations.  Open space kitchens are value boosters to your homes equity.  Painting the interior of the home is an inexpensive interior update that works to increase the price homeowners can ask when selling their home.

When considering all home renovations think about the overall cost of the renovation project verse the equity value it adds to your home.  Some renovations such as painting provide an inexpensive project with a solid return on investment.   A home project does not need to be costly to improve the overall value of your home and not every renovation needs to bring an increase in the equity of the home.  Sometimes the best renovations homeowners can take on are those that provide overwhelming value to the homeowner while boosting the homes equity.

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