Spring cleaning is something that invigorates many of us. This is true of not only our homes but our landscape as well. After long cold winter days we are anxious to get outside and clean up the landscape that quickly grew out of control. For some of us cleaning out landscaping is the last job that we wish to take on with everything else around our home that we have to do with spring cleaning. Landscape contractors are professionals in spring clean ups. Hiring a landscaping company will help to ensure your lawn and gardens are beautiful and can be enjoyed throughout the summer; all without a bead of sweat from you.

Prune: Spring cleaning your landscape means clearing away all the dead perennials, decay and debris that was left from the fall and winter seasons. Perennials need a good hair cut. When pruning perennials it is crucial to make sure you are only cutting them back as much as they are needed. Some require a bit of growth to be left behind to thrive.

Shrubs and trees will thrive with a little light pruning. Dead and diseased branches need to be removed for new growth to take hold.

Once the process of pruning is done it is time to clean out the bottom of the beds. A thorough raking is important as well. The debris needs to be put into a pile and composted or thrown away. The debris, if not disposed of properly can spread disease.

Edge: In order to give your landscape a well manicured, polished finish you need to edge. Edging your landscape beds clearly defines the space where your lawn meets your landscape. Doing this process yearly will keep your lawn from growing into the mulch and will add definition.

Fertilize: Proper nutrition keeps everything fueled and growing stronger this is true of your lawn and plant life. Fresh compost is best to use around plants and trees while a combination of light fertilizer and seed works to create a lush lawn. The fertilizer will help keep your plants thriving through hot, dry summer days. Fertilizer needs to be applied be before mulch to ensure that all the proper benefits are received.

Apply Pre-Emergent: Weed control is a life saver. It doesn’t eliminate your weed problems but it makes a difference overall. The pre-emergent acts as barrier to any weed seeds that are within your beds and will not allow them to germinate.

Mulch: Fresh mulch is an inexpensive addition to update your landscape. Add about an inch or two of mulch each year to keep the landscape looking pristine and well maintained. Mulch also has other benefits as well. It regulates the ground temperature and helps with retaining moisture in the root systems of your plants, shrubs and trees.

Plant/Transplant: Spring is the time to plant new landscaping and to separate plants that have grown too big for the area they are in. Splitting plants keeps your landscape in perspective and does not allow it to become overgrown and cluttered.

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