It is one of the most daunting tasks homeowners must do to keep the homes aesthetic value as well as dollar value up.  Landscaping tends to leave many homeowners overwhelmed as it is often difficult to keep up with the growing list of ways to improve your home landscape.  It is so overwhelming that most of us hire professional landscape design companies to come in mow the lawn, prune the bushes, plant flowers and clean up yard waste.  Having a company handle your lawn care does not mean you can have total hands off approach.  Here are some tips to help guide you when you are out in your yard.


The first tip I give to anyone attempting a project on their own without the professionals is to purchase all the materials for the project at hand upfront.  This is something professional landscapers do also.  There is nothing worse than finding out you are missing a crucial part of the project mid way through.  Planning can also save you money as you tend to get better pricing from larger stores.  When you are missing something you tend to run to the local hardware where the markup is double.


As you work through each section and phase you purchase the goods needed to complete that section.  This can prove to also benefit you because you may find after the completion of one section that the yard is complete and not want to move on to another project within the original design.  For example, if you are planning for a rock garden with a natural pond flowing into and notice once the pond is complete that the rock garden would be overkill that you have not wasted time or resources on the second, unneeded phase.  It saves from the hassle of retuning extra supplies or worse cluttering your shed with leftover unused materials.


Landscaping with a water element is always appealing and a crowd pleaser.  These are not easy to manipulate on your own and often need the care of a professional to help with this landscape design arena.  If you are tempted to try and install a water feature within your own landscape start small.  Smaller pools, pumps and fountains are easier to handle and maneuver if mistakes are made in the original design.  It will be a smaller mistake to correct with smaller items.  Using water plants around the small pond space can make it appear larger and will allow for easier maintenance.


If you are attempting to add in plants, shrubs, flowers, trees or berries it is best to ask the professional that has worked within your space.  These options are often difficult to sustain if not properly planted and cared for.  It is a waste of money for you to add a plant into your landscape without knowing if the soil, sun and water requirements will be met.


Landscaping is not something all people are born to do or are even good at.  Some people enjoy tinkering about in the yard.  The curb appeal of your home is one of the most important aspects when it comes to the resale of your home.  Make sure your home is appealing.  Hire a professional landscape company to come in if not every week for regular lawn care than at least twice a year to help prepare the landscape for the summer and winter seasons.  Fall landscape maintenance and spring yard clean up are the most important times of the year for your yard.  Do everything you can to protect your investment going into the harsh winters and hot summers Mother Nature brings the North.