Disabilities, age and certain illnesses leave us clinging for answers when it comes to modifying our living environment to make the conditions safe and user friendly. At any season of life we could be facing the challenges limited mobility, loss of stability and decreased use of motor skills brings.  When this is the case it is evident that changes within the home environment will need to be made to encourage continued independence.

When born with an illness or disability that lessens the skills individuals have changes are made right away to the home environment.  The learning curbs to adapt to the surroundings are simpler for those individuals who are raised adapting to the home space.  However, when the disability is sudden it is harder to change the behaviors that already exist.  Instead modifications need to be put into place to ease the existent behaviors.

This is especially true for individuals who suddenly find they are using a wheelchair as their main form of maneuvering.  The adjustment is huge.  Mobility is suddenly not an afterthought.  It takes careful planning and maneuvering to navigate a space that was not designed for use with a wheelchair.  This is why many individuals who find themselves in this exact situation turn to handicap construction experts.

Certain changes within the home environment make it more readily usable to wheelchairs.  One item that needs to be addressed is the entrance and exit of the home.  It is important that handicap wheelchair ramps be installed in more than one area of the home for increased safety.  Wheelchair ramps can consist of simple threshold ramps or elaborate porches that contain a ramp for wheelchair users and stairs for those with leg function.  Wheelchair ramps are also helpful for individuals with knee ailments.

Another area of the home that is especially difficult to maneuver for those with mobility and stability issues is the bathroom.  Bathroom safety solutions run the spectrum. The installation of bathroom safety aides is a fairly common job.  Bathroom safety bars can help with getting in and out of the tub, off and on to the toilet and for stability around the sink basin.  Other options include showers designed to for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility to be able to enter direct without any type of ledge to hinder the individual.  The bathroom area is the number one cause of injury.  It is of utmost importance to seek out handicap construction professional to help with the installation of safety aides.

Many times individuals do not consider future needs when purchasing a home.  This is true when purchasing a home with stairs.  It is not always feasible upon injury, illness or aging to up and move to a home without stairs.  Often the option includes adjusting the stairs to fir the new need.  This need can be met with a stair chair lift installation.  Whether needing to access the basement or top floor a stair chair lift can be installed to fit the individuals need.

As with any renovation it is wise to seek the advice and assistance of a professional in the industry. With an increased senior population in areas such as Florida and Michigan professionals in the handicap construction industry are abundant.  If you are unable to locate a private handicap construction professional in your area contact state officials or local social workers who can help facilitate meeting your needs.