According to the 2021 Utility-Scale Solar Report published by the Lawrence Berkeley National Library, large solar installations delivering energy to the electrical grid are on the upswing.

During 2020, the sector boasted 14 gigawatts (GW), equivalent to 73 percent of all new solar power. Solar power was the second-largest source of electricity-generating capacity additions in 2020 for projects of all sizes. Wind power was first, at 42 percent, and natural gas third, with 19 percent.

The study said, “It was the year with the greatest utility-scale solar capacity expansion in the United States so far, representing a year-over-year growth of 65 percent.”

The report stated, “Utility-scale PV is well-represented throughout the nation, with the exception of upper-Midwestern states in the ‘wind belt. Recent recipients of new utility-scale solar projects in the north—Idaho and Minnesota—did not add new capacity in 2020, while Montana, the Dakotas, Iowa, New Hampshire, and West Virginia still await their first utility-scale solar projects.”

Strong growth in the utility-scale solar pipeline is anticipated, as 460 GW of solar projects in the queue existed at the end of 2020.

The authors wrote, “Solar – both standalone and in hybrid form – is by far the largest resources within these queues, roughly equal to the amount of wind, storage, and natural gas combined.”

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