The decision to begin the process of retaining a bankruptcy attorney can seem frustration and desperate.  Every emotion on the spectrum can be seen during this time.  Relief, loss of control, you name it if the time comes that you realize a bankruptcy is in your future you will feel it.  One more piece to this very frustration puzzle comes when it is time to find an attorney to represent your best interest through the entire bankruptcy process.

When the process begins to feel overwhelming remember that there is an end in sight. There are many wonderful bankruptcy attorneys in your area that are ready to serve your best interest.  This is a time in your life where asking for a reference to an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy can be a bit of a challenge and leads to embarrassment so where are you to turn?  One option is to turn to the Internet.

The Internet can lead you into a wonderful direction when it comes to finding a bankruptcy attorney in your area that strictly practices in bankruptcy law.  This is important because an attorney that is only focused in on one area of specialty is better equipped to keep abreast of the changes in the law.  The best was to find a variety of attorneys in your area is to go into Google and search “bankruptcy attorney your location and state”.  This will be a good starting point in the process of locating representation.

Finding an attorney that is willing to meet with you for a consultation should come with ease.  Most bankruptcy attorneys offer clients a free initial consultation to meet and review your situation.  There are questions you need to ask.  Here are just a few examples:

  • How long have you been practicing Bankruptcy Law?
  • Are you a fully board certified in the laws surrounding Bankruptcy?
  • On average, how many clients do you assist in filing for Bankruptcy?
  • What is the ration between clients filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13?
  • What are the fees involved in filing Bankruptcy?
  • Have you always been on time in meeting deadlines with the court for clients?
  • How successful have your Bankruptcy filings been?

You will instantly know if you feel comfortable speaking with this individual based on a call or an initial sit down meeting.  If you are hesitant at all this is not the attorney you will want to choose.  You will be divulging sensitive information with this person and should feel completely comfortable in doing so.  You will not want to hide anything from them so if this is not a person in whom you are fully able to disclose information then you will need to get your Google list back out and begin again.

The factors in filing bankruptcy all wrap around the amount of money you bring in verse the amount of money you have going out.  If you find yourself in a situation with your home that you are completely upside down, your credit cards are maxed and you are barely able to make minimum payments or you have medical bills that make paying your other debt then it is possible bankruptcy is an option for you.  Not everyone will qualify to file for bankruptcy. It is a situation to use in extreme cases of individuals needing relief from an overwhelming debt.  Finding a bankruptcy attorney to represent your case is the first step towards a fresh financial future, choose wisely.