Shopping for jewelry and making a decision on what piece to where with what outfits is tricky for many of us. Necklaces are the hardest piece to buy in my own opinion. The length of the necklace is what makes the choice even more difficult. There are some basic guidelines to use when necklace shopping, especially when you are looking for jewelry online or as a gift for someone. Standard necklace chains are sixteen to twenty inches in length. For most people this length of chain will sit between the base of the throat and collarbone area. Personal taste can help determine what length to buy as well.

Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Length Necklace

1) Most often the perfect size necklace for individuals will be right at or slightly above the collarbone. This can be found by measuring around the individual’s neck and adding between two and four inches for the perfect placement. When wearing a necklace with a pendant four inches is most appropriate. However, two inches is better for necklaces that are more artsy.

2) When choosing a choker style necklace you will most likely be purchasing a sixteen inch necklace. If you would like the choker to be tight, an exact fit there are two option; you can purchase a necklace that is adjustable with extra links or measure around the neck and have the choker made to fit.

3) If you are looking for a necklace for a child it is best to look for a jewelry store that sells options smaller than sixteen inches. A fourteen inch necklace is the perfect size for the little ladies in your life.

4) Costume necklaces are incredibly popular with women now-a-days. Costume jewelry allows the purchaser to buy several pieces to mix and match with the occasion and the outfit. Longer necklaces work well with tops with high necks as well as v-necks while shorter necklaces enhance formal attire. A classic look is a sixteen or eighteen inch string of pearls with an elegant little black dress. Match the necklace to the outfit, occasion and personal preference.

5) Where should a necklace fall for men? When thinking about purchasing a necklace for a man it should fall right at the collarbone. I see many men wearing necklaces with meaningful pendants and medallions and along with seeking the right style necklace the perfect length usually measures around eighteen to twenty inches.

Jewelry shopping online has become a more popular option recently. When purchasing a necklace online be sure that if you order something and are disappointed with the fit that it can be returned or exchanged for a different size or style. It can be difficult to visualize the pendant and length of the necklace on an individual when ordering online. Online jewelry purchases can be significantly less expensive. Diamond jewelry, including diamond pendants for your new necklace are significantly cheaper online. Online jewelers are also willing to give buyers a deal for purchasing more than one item at a time. Hint!