While website design is a much-needed service for individuals and companies looking to build an online presence, design services alone are not enough to put you on the map, so to speak, when it comes to being listed in search engines and receiving free search engine traffic. Unfortunately, too many people assume that website design is the one-step processes needed to enjoy the benefits of owning a website, when, actually, it’s just the first step in the process. Not all website design companies offer search engine placement, but there are those that do, and here are a couple of reasons why you should choose a website design company that also provides search engine placement services.

You can save money

All-in-one services, or website development and marketing packages, tend to cost less than purchasing website design services and then adding the search engine optimization and marketing aspects later on. This is a common occurrence in many industries; your insurance rates are lower if you purchase home, auto, and life insurance through the same company, and you pay less for your food at McDonald’s if you purchase a value meal than if you bought each food-and-drink item individually. All across the board, bundled services are cheaper, and this is definitely true when you’re dealing with website design and search engine placement services.

Your website is built with search engine placement in mind

If you hire a web designer who does not have a basic knowledge of what it takes to make a website ‘friendly’ for search engines, you are really at a disadvantage. Everything from content structuring, internal link usage, and keyword usage is important when it comes to improving a website’s search engine placement. If your website is developed without considering these elements, it will take more effort, and thus more money, to improve your website’s layout for better search engine positioning in the future.

Unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s a good idea to search for a website design company that also provides basic search engine optimization services, or ideally, search engine placement services. Cheap, no-frills website design services may be budget-friendly in the short term, but if you’re looking to get the most out of your website, they certainly are not the cost-effective solution.

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